Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sleeping is for the dog

I mentioned earlier that the little man decided day time naps were for the dog. Well come Wednesday it seemed like he ran out of steam and took pretty good naps Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. I was relieved thinking that this little game was over.

Well I was wrong. Friday night he decided to sleep his major leg like he normally does, but after his 2 am feeding, although he was a total limp armed man as soon as I put him down his eyes would pop open and he'd be awake. I tried putting him down anyways hoping with the yawning that he was sleepy and would drift off like he normally does - NOPE! It took 3 tries and an hour and a half to get him asleep. Of course he woke promptly 3 hours after his last feeding leaving me with maybe an hour sleep before his next feeding.

The same went on last night too. We even had the advantage of the glider that we bought and finally came in. I rocked that boy for 25 minutes in the glider before putting him down the first time. Its so totally unnerving to see those little eyes pop open like someone turned on a switch on a toy or something. I've decided that the eye popping open deal is like a cupie doll when you tilt them one way or another and the eyes pop open! Plus he decided that napping again for was for the dog.

I begged the hubby to take a nap today because I totally needed it. He's still to young really to let him fuss for 5 minutes or so before getting him in an effort to see if he will fall back to sleep on his own. But I will tell you I am frustrated, tired and crabby as hell. Not to mention feeling guilty because he smiles at you when you talk to him now and will smile and coo as you continue to talk to him and have one of his soft toys give him kisses.

I'm waiting on the white noise CD I ordered and I need to order a pull down blind for his room. Mainly to help keep the heat in at night. What I don't get on that is why the smallest room in the house has one of the largest windows. I've got Oz dressed in long sleeved/pant clothes with the socks he can't seem to kick off. He still manages to kick of his warmer blanket too and I find his little arms are a little cold.

He's also chowing down on bottles like there's no tomorrow! He's up to 4 oz now a bottle with no spitting up and eats them about 2 hours apart. I'm guessing a growth spurt here, but am also worried that he's eating for comfort instead. Of course if he makes the hunger signs I feed him. I won't not feed him because it hasn't been so many hours between feedings. But if he is feeding solely for comfort what am I missing? What I am not giving him? Or is the little fartknocker just growing on me?

He's a good boy and I love him to death. I wouldn't change having him in this world for nothing, but the lack of sleep is killing me. Since the hubby is setting up to deploy, he's working 12 hour days at work. This leaves me as Oz's primary and pretty much sole caregiver. I was just hoping that as he neared 8 weeks of age, his sleeping patterns would stabilize more. I knew with the reflux he might take longer than other babies to sleep through the night because he had to eat more often, he's not really even showing signs of a morning nap period unless you count the 20 minute power nap he might take on my lap if he feels like it. Afternoon naps are a little more predictable but not totally. And now the waking up and not going back down at night even with leaving every single frickin' light off I swear is going to make me pull a Britney and shave my head.

Some books state that if he was born before his due date that when you count the "calming down" period you count 6 weeks after his due date and not just 6 weeks of life. If that's the case then the end of this week he will be 6 weeks after his due date. I really wish I could rely on the hubby more but with his work the way it is, I can't. Its pretty much me with an occasional him to help over the weekend like allowing me to get in a nap. I'm getting desperate enough that I started inquiring if his parents could come earlier rather than later this year. Uh, yeah you read that right I'd like to see if they would lend a hand a little so I can take a nap during the day - holy crap I am desperate.

Don't even ask me to tell you about how dirty I think our home is. I keep a clean house and we just can't get done the cleaning I am used to. But you can't clean the toilet with a kid in a snugli, especially when he's decided he doesn't like to be in one anymore and is squirming and squawking at you.

Ugh, I needed to let that out. Patience, I know it just takes patience and time and the little man will work out his own battle rhythm. I know that the smiles and interactive laughs and such are my reward for being patient, it doesn't mean though that the lack of sleep still doesn't suck.

As a few folks have mentioned - this too shall pass.


K and J said...

HH6, I will try to call you tonight. If not, call me! Vent on my friend. I know it is frustrating. You are doing great!!!!

Army Wife said...


You might kill me, but I did this...

lack of sleep thing, tried EVERYTHING.

broke down and tried co-sleeping, which was not something I WANTED to do, but frankly, it beat no sleep....

Amazing what you will do when desparate....

Linda said...

Give a few more weeks...he'll settle into a better sleep pattern.

Sounds like a growth spurt to me, too. My kids, both born 2 weeks early, were "late" in their growth spurts - 8 weeks was the norm for them.


Who gives a darn about the dirty house? Enjoy this little soul as much as you can. AND...don't be afraid to ask for, and accept, help!

Household6 said...

You might kill me, but I did this...

lack of sleep thing, tried EVERYTHING.

broke down and tried co-sleeping, which was not something I WANTED to do, but frankly, it beat no sleep....

Amazing what you will do when desparate....

He won't clo-sleep, the husband. But YES I AM DESPERATE if I am asking if my MIL from HELL will come early!

Enjoy this little soul as much as you can. AND...don't be afraid to ask for, and accept, help!

I totally love that when you talk to him he smiles at me and tries to laugh. There's this toy we have that's soft and fabric covered and meant to be a worm or catepiller. I love watching him smile every time I pretend to kiss him with it. We also play peekaboo on the changing table.

So all those smiles and laughes make up for the no sleep - and it makes me feel guilty when I get frustrated. I know it will pass, I just needed to let go somewhere safe and constructive. Blogging it is constructive and a great release for me.