Thursday, September 13, 2007

My fears superimposed

...upon my child. I've read through the Happiest Baby on the Block and today I used one of the elements to calm Oz from screaming at me - the Shhhhhhhhh white noise deal. It worked in a second flat. I will search the net later for a white noise CD to play in his room.

What I can't get past is the swaddling part. I know what the issue is, I can't stand to be pinned down, my arms being held down or me feeling trapped. Because I dated a real ass in college, those things just give me a panic attack. So I don't really want to swaddle Oz. He still does the arm wave we think looks like he's going downhill on a roller coaster, and I know the swaddling would help to keep that from happening and him waking himself. I just can't seem to get past my fears of being trapped and that he must feel the same way I do.

Any suggestions on where I can get a white noise CD?


Anonymous said...

I used a fan for the white noise effect. Face the fan towards the wall so it doesn't blow on baby.

Anonymous said...

We have a white noise machine that we got from Brookstone. It has other sounds too so you can change if you want.. Also, it has a timer so you dont have to have it on all night/naptime if you dont want either.

As for the swaddling, I think babies feel more secure that way (vs us feeling trapped) b/c they were in that position for so long. My 2nd really liked to be swaddled, and as she grew, I'd swaddle her w/her arms out. I can't personally imagine that being comfortable, but I suspect it helps them feel secure, but also, when they jerk their arms when sleeping, doesnt startle them & wake them up.

We used the 'miracle blanket'. Though we dont know each other in "real life", I am happy to send you mine to use/borrow - that way you can save yourself the money (I think they were $25-30) Then if oz doesnt like it, you can just mail it back to me.


Green said...

A lot of sleeping noise machines have a white noise option on them, as well as the beach, heartbeat (freaky to me), rainforest, etc. I got one as a wedding gift and now DH can't sleep without the rainfall noise.

Linda said...

Cheap white noise machine: either a humidifier (which is good for baby anyway - use cool mist away from baby's face) or a fan with a good high speed - again away from baby's face.

I LOVE having a fan running...not for cooling, but for definite white noise. It was a lifesaver when we lived in housing right by the very noisy main gate in Bamberg, Germany!

And swaddling...just remember, Oz was all squishy in your belly, all nice and snug and warm. It's what he knows best. If you don't want to swaddle both arms down, try leaving one up near his face...but keep him nice and tight. We swaddled my daughter till she was 6 months old...she LOVED it. My son, not so much...we had to swaddle with THREE blankets (all lightweight) to keep him in!

liberal army wife said...

my granddaughter NEEDED to be swaddled, she slept like a top when she was, and NOT at all when she wasn't. As for white noise, the DH insists on having a fan on, even when we are freezing! I'll be looking for a good white noise machine when we move into the new apartment, from the country we live in now.