Sunday, September 09, 2007

Poop, rashes and kicking

Rash -
I took Oz to see the docs on Friday. We saw a PA. She thinks the rash on Oz is still the baby acne and gave me some cortisone to put on it for two weeks. Since she felt he was way to young to actually test for a milk allergy (So what the Army doesn't do the blood test I guess?) she said to stay on the soy formula until the two weeks are up. If the rash is gone try the milk based formula again, if the rash comes back its a milk allergy. I guess its better than nothing. The rash does seem to be improving with the cream, so we will see.

Poop -
Oz is having a couple of poops a day but the stuff is still hard as pebbles. He's being resistant to drinking the extra water/corn syrup mix. Unfortunately I can't give him extra water in his formula because of the reflux. I've tried it and all it does is makes him spit up and cry out after feeding. So I may dillute a little prune juice which is what I see can work as a stool softener, supposedly better than apple juice.

And at his 2 month well baby stress to the doc that he's pooping but its still hard after what a month or so. I am hoping that in three weeks I won't even need to bring it up. I did ask the PA if there was a kinder reflux med on the constipation front and was told "nope."

Kickin' it -
My boy is a smart little man. I love seeing the development that's going on. He has a rainforest bouncer seat with this little attachment that plays music and has a monkey and a birdie within kicking range. The hubby and I weren't sure at first but after watching him we noticed he will stare at the the animals but start kicking like a wildman. Once the music starts and the animals move, he smiles. He's figured out how to activate his bouncer music. That's SO FRICKIN COOL!

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