Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Happy news! It looks like Oz may have graduated on the feeding front. With the reflux we've had to back off how much per feeding to give him in order to not overfill his tummy causing a backflow up into his windpipe.

For the last two days he's been wanting to eat once an hour or 1 1/2 hours. He was downing an entire 3 oz bottle each time. Needless to say I was a fright to look at and smell since I didn't shower the last two days - oye! So I tried upping his bottles to 3.5 oz. He seems to be stomaching it well, no fits regarding a tummy ache which is good, very good.

The poop issue though is nuts, but better. Yesterday I had to aide the boy in pooping with the thermometer trick. I may have found the right mix for him of apple juice and water to keep his BM's what they should be.

This morning I also aided the boy, but it wasn't such a panic state as yesterday. He seemed calmer (he stilled cried, but no panic frenzy for a bottle or a binky afterwards) and more relaxed about it. His BM was better too. So I will keep the mix as is for a few days and see if he will eventually pass BM's without it being a big deal. I'm not belittling him by saying that, I know it hurts like hell to pass rocks, but by production I mean it gets easier and easier that he just does it.

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