Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blog troll invades mil spouse support site

My house looks like our 2 year old neighbor got loose with a hammer and a phillips head screwdriver. Needless to say I have been checking in on the mil spouse board I am a member of only to find that a blog troll has decided to take up residence there and attempt to drive the women and men batty.

Now to the credit of the Admin's there they don't believe in censorship and won't kill a membership for having a differing opinion. This guy though is a nuttjob to be honest, with a crap load of misinformation that Moonbat herself would be proud. I mean he's not a nuttjob for being against the war - okay no problem don't agree with it and don't agree with Bush either. I am the first person to say as I have a dozen times over in my blog that I don't like President Bush. I have never liked him from the very beginning when he was first running for that first term. He's a nuttjob for spreading misinformation - aka Bullshit information.

Calling himself "disgruntled" he blogs several posts about how crummy the Army is, how they all lie and then finishes with a post about the mil spouse support site on how we are all slaves, incapable of independent thought. I have no intention of actually giving his link mainly because I don't want this nuttjob to get the traffic if googled. Besides even if you wanted to send hate mail or tell him what a jerk he was on his blog you can't - he turned off his comments.

His first post speaks of sending his wife off after her blood pinning of her new rank to her orders to Afghanistan. He also states that she is a non-combatant and that she checked in her M16 and the Delta Airline's agent was weirded out. Okay I have heard of checking in your weapon on board, but um if she's a non-combatant she would not have been issued a weapon in the first place. Secondly from some postings he made about his wife's job she's a psychologist which means she's an officer. Very few officers are issued a M16, they are usually issued the Beretta .9mm.

His second post is a bunch of statistics about mother's or female soldiers being killed down range and how its some sort of forced abandonment. He also quotes this bit:

74 American "non-combatants" women have been killed thus far.

First of all this page does NOT identify the branch or MOS of these soldiers therefore there is NO WAY to determine that these women fell into a position that was covered under the Geneva Convention as a true non-combatant such as clergy or combat medics. The second issue I take with the website and his choice of words is the simple fact that at least 20 of those deaths although no less sad were not due to hostile actions. Some of them were due to illness, mental illness and vehicle accidents. Again I am not making light that their deaths were not important but he's using their deaths to make a point, well to spread a point of misinformation.

His next post is just as bad, complaining that the military has abducted people and forced them to go. Well guess what they enlisted or or accepted a commission, this is a volunteer Army - force isn't correct either. He also has no clue about who or what in the military is actually a non-combatant as well as claiming that by making his wife draw a weapon they are violating the Geneva Convention.

Stateside non-combatants, previously non-deployable personnel are now being culled at a moments notice and sent to basic combat survival training to prepare for long term deployments to hostile war zones. Accountants, social workers, clergy and psychologists are having to qualify with 9mm Berettas and M16 machine guns. It has now become kill or be killed for these patriots, who largely enlisted to help soldiers rather than be forced into doing the killing themselves.Some of these people, my wife included, are being trained in violation of the Geneva convention, as well as the Hippocratic oath which requires she ‘first do no harm.’

Accountants, Social Workers and Psychologists aren't non-combatants as far as the Geneva Convention is concerned. While a doc is performing life saving duties yes he is not to be considered a combatant but outside of that, he can carry a sidearm and is trained to use them. Sorry but accountants are trained to fight when they go to basic - period. Working in an office doesn't keep you from firing a weapon as far as the Army is concerned.

His last post the one that he penned after several days of baiting the spouses with his bullshit rhetoric, he proceeded on several occasions to call the women there too stupid to know any better. I nearly shat myself considering I have a masters, so do at least 10 other women on there. Not to mention there are two women who have Phd's - but we are uneducated and too stupid to know the "truth."

Here were thousands of women with deployed husbands, many of whom were just teenagers, who were also so angry... angry and naive. Over and over again I was reminded that it was because of the American pillaging of middle eastern desert villages that I was able to safely lay my head on my pillow at night...It seemed like their ideology had been lifted off of the many bumper stickers that graced the military base.

I also learned that all of them were suffering as well... from depression, anxiety, and were unable to eat or sleep normally for months while their family members were at war. Some were grieving recent losses, all were greiving the losses to come. Hundreds of us spouses 'left behind' were typing into the wee hours of the night out of fear and desperation.

As I read the postings, a deep sadness crept over me. Here was the population that will suffer the most from this, and they don't even know it.

These remarks of his just made me laugh.
  1. First of all there are only 700 members not thousands.
  2. There are a dozen or so deployed at this time.
  3. Blessed be none of the members have lost their spouse, yes some were injured but thankfully there have been no losses.
  4. My husband was in Afghanistan 05-06 and well they didn't plunder a damn thing - they built roads, schools, power plants, provided shoes, clothing and medical supplies as well as treating local folks.
  5. I am not suffering, neither are the majority of other women on the board. I am pregnant and therefore forgetful of my arse had it not been attached to my backside but I am not depressed nor filled with anxiety.
  6. Its also pitiful that he claimed we wrote until the wee hours of the morning in desperation for relief. We have board members that are in Australia, Germany, England, Japan, Korea - its called being on a time difference.
  7. Lastly, his remark that we just don't know any better at the end there just makes me want to beat him for his own stupidity. You should see the politics forum - for a bunch of uneducated, naive, stupid chicks we know more and discuss more (and in depth) about politics, other cultures, the upcoming elections, economics, etc. You name it we have probably touched the subject at least once. Hell we have even talked about why many of us are against or for the war and why we do or don't agree with the President. Yet at one point he labeled some of us as Idiot Republicans (I need to check that term and is subject to change).

So alas, disgruntled you are actually disillusioned and totally misinformed. The military spouses are not as dumb nor naive as you think. And I don't take kindly to your belittling comments to those of spouses that are enlisted or officers. You really should learn what you are speaking of before you speak out of turn and make yourself look foolish. Lincoln said "It was better to remain silent and appear the fool, than speak and remove all doubt." You Sir, could use a little education about what your wife does, what the Army asks of her, and what are her obligations.

Your spouse is IRR or NG and was mobilized. She used the Army to pay for her school and after 10 years of one weekend a month and two weeks a year she was mobilized as part of repayment of her debt for a free ride to college. When you are a female officer, pregnancy does not allow you to shirk paying back your debt. The Army paid thousands of dollars to put her through school, a baby doesn't change that she signed a commission and a commitment to repay that debt as the terms within that agreement state.

I hate trolls, they annoy me -as if you couldn't tell with the really long post refuting his own naivety.


Butterfly Wife said...

He sounds annoying. I bet several people have tried to educate him with no luck. I have come to believe that there are unfortunates in this world that some piece of information stuck in their heads and nothing will convince them otherwise.

More importantly . . . good luck with the move!! :)

Andi said...

Where do these people come from ,and how miserable are they that they "infiltrate" these sites and try to bring everyone else down with them? Pathetic...

Swashknickers said...

Well said Mo!! I'm was happy to see that the tithead hasn't logged on for a while!

Megan said...

HI, I read your blog way back when you were wondering who people where that were reading your blog. I am one of them. I read it at work and unfortunatly they have the computer set up to not allow commenting. GERRRR. Anyway my name is Megan and I am from Nebraska. Well not for long. Moving to Colorado Springs soon. Anywho. Just thought I would stop being a crazy lerking stranger! Congrats on the little OZ by the way. I have one 2 year old and am expecting number 2 in January. Good luck! Love your blog

Army Wife said...


Never mess with a military spouse site...

or woman about to have a baby...


they will rip you to shreds.

And do not worry too much about moving the baby....

Both of mine took froever to turn, and I had to crawl around on my hands and knees for weeks...

I am unsure if it helped

CaliValleyGirl said...

Oooh that was brilliant! It drives me nuts that people are so patronizing. If I express any support for the cause, I just get pitiful looks a la: well, she is just brainwashing herself, otherwise she would be a mess now.

Thanks for writing this piece. It puts into words, the frustrations I so often feel.

Anonymous said...

Awesome reply. Although, I can say as a Medical Company Commander, my psychologist will carry an M16 not a 9mm when deployed.

Household6 said...

Anon is that by choice of the command or just the weapons available? I know in some units the plt leaders (LTs) would also carry an M16 but the CC would carry a side arm as well as Top.

So I am curious as to how the unit or military chooses which officer carries a rifle versus a side arm? I know with enlisted they often carry the weapon they are best at if its a unique weapon.