Thursday, May 31, 2007

Manic Thursday

I've been under the gun here for the last few days. We have movers coming next week and our house is a total mess right now with bits and pieces of our house all over the frickin' place. I am working the finance part of our new house before they take away my computer, scanner and financial records. Please pray that interest rates drop some so we can get a better deal!

Also I ask that you say a prayer, karmic thoughts or just all around give some good ju-ju to my friend. Her son was born on the 27th (my shower day), but at 34 weeks. He has a name but we shall call him Frog. Frog is having some respiratory issues, his lungs are little bit under developed. He's at a Children's Hospital in the Bay Area and will probably be there a month. Even a little early he was still 6 pounds, so he's got the fighting spirit of his Mom & Dad. He just needs a little bit of time to get his lungs into good working order.

Oz has not moved his little head. Thankfully, my muscles have stopped spasming over the fact that there's a head in there pushing them all out of place. This means I can actually sleep now, no unisom to sleep at all. I can't even lift 5 lbs though which really sucks but the hubby is being a trooper and is being really patient knowing I can't prep the house the way we usually do. We did have the schrunk disassembled yesterday. Which was funny because in a 10 foot radius we have lost one of the keys. I still think the Master Craftsman we had come show us how to take the thing apart took the key home by mistake. Which sadly means we will never see the damn key at ever again. I will have to contact the furniture company in Belgium, send them a key and have them send me my key and a replacement.

So the next ummm 3 weeks will be little to no blogging. I just have too much going on to be creative. I could just tell you what I ate for breakfast each morning if you like but ummm that would be pretty frickin' boring. (Speaking of which I have a giant bag of Marshmallow Maties and eat those every morning to make sure I get enough milk in my diet)


K and J said...

Goofball. Move safely. Hit us up when you get back.

Mama Luxe said...

Sorry to hear Frog is having a tough beginning...sounds like he is a trooper, though, and the prognosis is good.

I ALSO have movers coming next week and my house is ALSO entirely a wreck...but I don't have the excuse of being pregnant! So, basically, it is just all me not being organized about it. ;)

Green said...

Marshmallow Mateys are the shiznit!