Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wiskey Tango Foxtrot

Got a phone call about two hours ago from the host of my baby shower in CA. Apparently my mother in law took it upon herself to start inviting people to my shower - without asking me. I am infuriated beyond belief. The ONLY reason they were invited in the first place is because the host made me be polite.

I have a few folks coming that I haven't seen since our wedding 9 years ago that I just haven't been able to touch base with except through emails. I wanted to spend time with them at the brunch just talking and shooting the shit. NOW I have to entertain his parents as well as the extras that the MIL seems to deem was her business to invite. She keeps moaning and groaning about why I invited males to the shower and can't seem to understand that we are having brunch with friends NOT playing guess how fat the mommy is and other 'tardo baby games. I'm not cutesy, I don't want cutesy and I didn't want uninvited guests at my fucking shower either.

I am just floored that she thinks she has the right to randomly invite people to MY shower. She didn't even ask the host if it was okay she INFORMED the host that these extras would be attending. This is so typical of her, wants to put her fingers into EVERY-FUCKING-THING. This wasn't hers to put her fingers in, not even remotely.

And for those that think I will get a "killer" gift out of it what's the big deal? Well that was the point entirely. We didn't invite random people to be 'Giftwhores.' We invited the parents and friends. The only addendum we had was that my old workmates from Germany insisted on receiving invitations and had no qualms about specifically asking for them.

My poor husband just closed his eyes and laid his head back on the couch and listened to me vent. He knows how livid I am and short of telling his family to fuck off for eternity can't seem to find a nice way to get them to back off and realize we are grown ups and have been since a long, long fucking time ago. He had tried before and she wrote him a nasty letter that apparently was so hurtful, it was the first and only time I've ever seen my husband cry.



Bette said...

Ugh. How is it that so many of our happy rituals end up being miserable obligations to other people? I feel for you....

Cole said...

Well it will all work I said, place cards! they work wonders! Hugs!

CaliValleyGirl said...

You can rant like nobody's business! I really missed reading you. I am sorry that she has to steamroll into what could have been a fun and friendly time.

Household6 said...

Thanks CVG! Glad I am being amusing again. I've been so slack on blogging. I haven't heard a peep from them since I sent an email telling them how extremely surprised I was to hear that A & U were coming and that they will need to contact me before inviting another guest to my shower.

My friend hosting it plans on placing the four of them at the complete opposite end of the table from me so I don't hear the peanut gallery. Her nasty comments would just set me off!