Sunday, May 06, 2007

Parents serve only to fight for custody later

She had raised her daughter for six years following the divorce, handled the shuttling to soccer practice and cheerleading, made sure schoolwork was done. Hardly a day went by when the two weren't together. Then Lt. Eva Crouch was mobilized with the Kentucky National Guard, and Sara went to stay with Dad.

A year and a half later, her assignment up, Crouch pulled into her driveway with one thing in mind — bringing home the little girl who shared her smile and blue eyes. She dialed her ex and said she'd be there the next day to pick Sara up, but his response sent her reeling.

"Not without a court order you won't." ARTICLE

The article goes on to tell the story of 3 or 4 more parents who are mobilzed or deployed only to find out on their return or while still down range that their children are no longer under their custody. Apparently the Soldiers and Saliors Relief Act doesn't cover this aspect because of the best interest of the child. This is truly sad, good parents who are only serving the call to duty on to be kicked in the ass once again by their own country's laws.

I know that may sound a little fatalistic, but some Service Members are having a hard time to getting their VA benefits and be treated properly for their medical issues, some lose their businesses/employment due to employers finding ways around the USERRA law and now this.

It just seems like the Service Member can't get a break lately.

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