Saturday, December 02, 2006

Its beginning to look alot like winter

Well the winter storm that knocked me on my ass left a lot of snow in downtown KC, but not around here. We've salted the crap outta our sidewalk, so we are good on the slipage issue. As for the snowboots I have them and wore them when I walked to the PX to met the rental car agent. I am sore, you know those stiff muscle aches you get when you spend too much time doing crunches and your stomach cries everytime you breath. Well, I am sortta like that on my belly, right butt and thigh, right arm and shoulder. Basically where I tried to brace myself and fell on my ass.

Yesterday we traveled around Lowes, Home Depot etc to look at pretty lighted things to go in our front yard. We finally decided upon a snowman and polar bear that light up. I think the little polar bear moves too. We are spending today decking out the house in winter schnick schnack.

I love the winter holidays, and snow but I don't love that people here really don't know how to salt, how to drive or how to basically function when the white stuff falls on the ground.


Tracy said...

We had 12 plus inched dumped on us Friday. I live in WI though so people here know how to drive in it. Not much slows down for the snow. The kids had a snow day, but other than that, life goes on as usual! :)

Kbear said...

Okay you guys, enjoy that snow, it is as hades to get into the spirit of Christmas in shorts!!!! It is still in the upper 70's here and it is killing me!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in on you and the bean :) Awww, sorry about the fall. Hope that you're not as sore today. Take care, Gail