Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ice, falls, cars and grumps

Yesterday I had another interview. I spent about 10 minutes attempting to put on pantyhose and finally got a pair on, only to have one leg twisted. I didnt have anymore pairs to dick about with, so I just left the pair twisted throughout my drive and interview. Pregnant women should NOT attempt to wear hose, I swear they really shouldn't unless you think its funny to watch and then I will just call you a Sadist and tell you to bite me.

The interview went fine. I don't know if you would call it good, bad or what - so I will say indifferent. I was 10 minuts late thanks to the crappy weather and the idiots who live here all their lives but have no fucking clue what it means to drive in snow/slush. So since its a job one hour away and I am now pregnant I will get the job. Of course, you knew that though right?

This morning my ass woke to drive the husband to work and the car won't start. No idea why, don't really care at the moment. The DH who is more like the 'big fucking ass who needs to shut up today' went ballistic on me, because this car is all my fault. He continued his fun torment the preggo by calling an hour later and asking me if I have it figured out yet and if he needed to find a ride home. My smart ass response was something like "that would be a good idea."

I called Roadside Assistance and waited on the tow truck. While deciding that they didn't need my CDs I walked out to the car and slipped on my ass, hard core using my right hand to brace myself. The tow truck came and now I am on the couch. I am in pain, I am worried about the fall and the bean sprout, I have no car, a bitch for a husband and wet pants. Oh and not to mention the fact that a job I want to apply for closes tomorrow and I needed to send the paperwork today by overnight and have no access to the post office.

Grrrr today sucks and I want my Ranger Candy!


Cole said...

sorry you had a horrible, terrible, very bad, no good day! Hugs

Tracy said...

oooh sorry you had a bad day.

The bean sprout is very well protected. I fell on my side when I was 8 months pg and he was A-OK!! My dr. told me that they have so much fluid around them, that usually a small fall is okay.

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!!

Jen said...

I slid off a fender of one of those commercial type German 2 1/2 ton cargo trucks, hit a patch of ice and landed right on my ass when I was about 6 weeks pregnant- I freaked out, he's two years old now. My Dr said it was better to fall early than later on, more cushiony protection and not so much hanging-belly-jutting-out-in the-open to damage. Love that someone else had the same attitude towards their DH that I had towards mine during pregnancy! Now I don't feel so guilty.

Army Wife said...

be freaking careeful, and also note that my balance was horrible during my pregnancy. And I have been doing yoga for 10 years...

it was bad

BE careful, and buy some snow boots

Household6 said...

Tracy - A Milspouse board I visit made jokes like the bean was probably having fun thinking it was jumping on a trampoline. And the hubby said bean was probably saying, "Weeeeee! AGAIN!"

Jen - Okay playing on a deuce and a half, that sounds dangerous even if not pregnant. As for the hubby well he's been home since March from the sandbox and has had a few issues.

His patients is non-existant but is slowly improving. I am reminding him that some things you just can't control (ie the car) and having a fit over it which included throwing his rucksack in the street wasn't productive. Its hard to work with some days but I don't think anyone comes back from there untouched some way and needs a little patients from their family.

AWTM - I have snowboots, they were in the closet. I was trying to meet the tow truck guy, get crap outta the car and be pissed at the DH for being a jerk that morning. I just hit the right spot and went flying.

Oh and I was bad and freely used my fall to bring guilt. He now is hovering over me while I do laundry, cleaning etc in order to know what I do during the day for when I am too pregnant to do any of it.

Tracy said...

"He now is hovering over me while I do laundry, cleaning etc in order to know what I do during the day for when I am too pregnant to do any of it."

LOL My dh was a little bit of a hoverer once I was huge. I am short and short waisted so my babies came straight out. I didn't look preggo from the back, but I turned around and it was like "Whoaaaaa" I gained 30 lbs, which is normal, but LOOKED like I gained 60 LOL I also had an 8 pounder and a 9 pounder, so you can imagine! LOL We live in an old house with steep stairs to the basement. I didn't go up and down the stairs for a couple months to do laundry. That was nice :o)LOL

I like what your hubby said about the bean sprout asking to do it again LOL