Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thank you and what's that smell?

I really do have a twisted sense of humor, for those I am about to offend (or think I am a stalker), please forgive me. When we did the math I realized the circumstances of the bean invasion had absolutely hilarious timing. Its really fucking funny, Seriously:

Hey Eddie...(ahem, excuse me) Dear Mr. Norton,

Thank you for being such a naughty little boy and wearing a goatee so well in the movie I watched the other night. The great sex dream of you that followed made me wake feeling pretty damn randy. Because of you, I jumped the hubby and to our great joy we're having a baby. I'll be sure to have a copy The Illusionist handy for our second child.

Forever Grateful,

I told you my humor is twisted, really twisted but hey the timing was funny as hell. On to the smell...

I have found my first repulsive smell - bacon. While out to dinner with the Inlaws we went to a local stake house-ish place in town. They are more like a Seattle Microbrew with a Hick-town flare (Please give me the city, I so miss the city).

I ordered a quesadilla and this place puts bacon on it. Just the thought of bacon made my stomach turn so I asked for it to be left off. They had a bad kitchen night, a new cook, what ever and it was left on. I could smell it before the damn plate left the server's hand. I cut into it, saw bacon and REALLY smelled the bacon and nearly gagged. My response was a total pregnant woman response (I waited tables through college and dealt with preggos myself), but I couldn't control myself, "Oh I said no bacon, this has bacon...take it back. Take it BACK!" I was brought a bacon-less one a few minutes later and ate my dinner.

As we crawled into bed at the end of the night, I roll over put my arms around the hubby and whisper into his ear, "You know that bacon in the freezer? If you cook it while I am in the house and pregnant, you will NEVER get laid again!"


Tracy said...

ROFLOL!! I did not have one moment of morning sickness (don't kill me!! ;)), but I am very sensitive to smells when I am NOT preggo, so when preggo it was ridiculous. And ever changing. You could be eating bacon by the plateful in two months. You never know!!

And the timing~whatever works ROFLOL!!

Cole said...

You never know what you will and won't like. It changes hourly some days. I am finding that I don't like meat that much at the moment...but next week I could be longing for it. We are on this ride together girlie!