Sunday, November 19, 2006

Peace, love, spit and coffee

I was over at YankeeMom and just read another story about Service Members getting the shaft while minding their own business. It really pisses me off to be honest and is no better than those that throw bottles at Gays walking around in the Castro. My Uncle Ronnie had to be picked up at 2am from the base he was at, through a back gate at the request of the military. Trying to pick up in the daytime was impossible for the protestors throwing rotten food, bottle, spitting and screaming about who or what my Uncle "killed" in Vietnam.

"I would do no less for family and he is a member of my family. I’m telling this story because it needs to be told. That there are kids coming home and getting treated just like the soldiers were 35 frickin’ years ago. And it really, really, and I mean really, doesn’t sit well with me at all!

And the wonderfully ironic part about all this is that the town I live in has been titled a “Hate Free Community”. The folks around here pride themselves on this “fact”. They “celebrate diversity” all over the place. They preach tolerance. They fight for the oppressed and downtroddens’ rights. ( the Palestinians are a favorite pet cause around here)

And they spit on our soldiers. Our soldiers who defend their right to do so.

I don’t see throwing coffee and spitting on someone and calling them a baby killer as Freedom of Speech and I never will. It’s beyond rude and it’s a despicable act. "

Read the whole story HERE.

Don't believe in the war, that's okay and is your right to do so. But please have a little common decency and respect and send your message to the right place - to the Whitehouse, not by spitting on a limping young man walking down the street in uniform.


Cole said...

I know someone that takes a moment to thank anyone in uniform. I think she is a class act! I wish the rest of the people would catch on!

kbear said...

I think it is time for a road trip to teach manners. Americans need to learn that we don't treat ANYONE that way LET ALONE a VET! Now my BP is UP!!!!!