Monday, November 20, 2006

One if by land, two if by sea

Three if by flying fucking monkey. Ride Paul Revere, RIDE! The In-laws are coming the In-laws are coming!

I spent most of yesterday and this morning cleaning the house. Yes, I've become quite the Suzie Home Maker (shoot me now, I need a job). We went from a 1550 sq foot house in Germany to this little ity-bity shack of 1200 sq feet. So needless to say with a hairy dog, furballs are a plenty under the furniture.

I also spent time In-law proofing the home. Away went the pre-natal vitamins, HPTs, OPKs, baby books and infertility books. I am so tired of hearing cracks about how the dog is the only grandchild they are going to get, but apparently I am feeling Masochistic. I just don't want to deal with telling them that we are indeed trying for a kid but are having infertility issues.

I have to entertain them while the DH is at work on Wednessday and I SO look forward to that. I still wonder how their kid turned out so good when the woman honestly rides a flying monkey for a living?

Please call me often during this week, please? I will give out my number to anybody as long as they save me from this hell called In-laws.


Cole said...

I hear the music as the monkeys are flying...I will call! I will have to..I need the auntie sane!

Hugs, love and deep breaths!

Kbear said...

Eat lots of chocolate. :) I will call you tomorrow.