Friday, September 08, 2006

Tape Measure suspenders

Yesterday I got a call from a wood worker stating that he wanted to come and make an estimate of our damages from our move. This was the same company we were going to use anyways so I went ahead with the appointment.

When he showed this morning we was a cute old guy. He wore these goofy suspenders that look like a tape measure. He described to me that he goes through the whole claim list and look at it all and reports this to the moving company and the claims office. I asked a few questions and made a few specific remarks to see if he knew what he was doing. Unfortunately I had a wood worker in Germany that shoved wood putty all over a door lip that I split dropping it and claimed that was fixed - Without tools my dog could have done the same frickin' job. I am pretty confident that he has the experience and knowledge to make repairs.

So here's the damage:

**The coffee table will need to be refinished due to the knife marks from opening the bubblewrap.
**The table will need to be refinished too since they used it in Germany as staging tablel, dragging crap across it.
**The top crown of our antique hutch needs to be pulled apart and put back together.
**The book case they dropped before we even left - not repairable buy a replacement.
**Picture frames with the backing damaged will need new backing.
**The picture frame of a calvary print that they broke the glass on, well it damaged the print which according to the man devalues it by 90% - nice frickin' arses.
**The dresser and highboy are no brainers to fix the sctraches and knife mark from cutting off the bubblewrap.
**Same with the end tables.
**The coo-coo clock he was amazed that it doesn't move at all and said have a clock worker make an estimate.
**The Gerber multitool is now worth $80. I never knew that. I bought it 8 years ago when I worked in IT stuff and had to open boxes and put compents into new computers.

Oh and best for last:
** The cambridge student desk we fell in love with and bought has water damage. Yep water damage...and the best part? The bubblewrap kept the water in an left a crease mark in the wood.

I nearly peed my pants when he said that it wasn't the mattresses or boxes being brought up stairs and rubbed against the desk. I was so pissed to know that somehow water got on it and that damnable bubblewrap kept the moisture right in there.

From taking a peek at his paperwork it looks like there is about $1,500~$2,000 worth of damage. This of course doesn't include the new print & framing, new frame on another print, new backing for two prints, coo-coo clock repair and a new Gerber multitool.

Speaking of tools that's a good word to use for the little twit who packed our home like crap and walked off with my Gerber - what a TOOL!

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