Monday, April 10, 2006

A squatty Potty

Normally I try not to be too crass and spend time on potty humor but I couldn’t resist…

While traveling through Turkey the back of the bus (yeah I was there) were having a serious discussion about what exactly do you call a non-western toilet. On our various rest stops folks would warn each other about which stalls not to use and which ones were “Western.” I’ve used a non-western toilet before so I really didn’t care either way.

For those unfamiliar with the non-western toilet, it’s basically like a shower basin, with a large drain in the centre and special, textured spots at the side for you to stand on. Women (and men in some circumstances) have to learn to roll their pants legs BEFORE dropping your pants or you will get a nasty surprise.

Non-western toilets are all over the world. As we continued on the road of what to call them, I learned that those not used to a western toilet will do some crazy stuff when confronted with one – they stand on it, just like you would the non-western one. I am totally perplexed at the thought of a Japanese woman attempting to balance atop a western toilet in heels?? Some of the fancy hotels in Japan even have pictorial diagrams in the restroom showing how to use a western toilet properly (if you could see my face, one eyebrow has been raised and is stuck there in disbelief at this whole thing).

Finally out of the middle of nowhere the spouse says, “Oh I know! It’s a “squatty potty.” With bursts of laughter and then several knowing head nods the non-western toilet has now be named. Oh to the "squatty potty" forever you shall be called!


Rose said...

Wanted to stop in and say hi! I see you're feeling the joy of the "waiting period" et. al. -- we're in the "waiting period" right now too. About another week and I can see if I'm ripe for the pickin' or not.

Here's to the two of us getting it sometime soon, eh?


MQ said...

The non western loo I used was in Venezuela and the only surprise was having to pay the attendent for TP!

Army Wife said...

I have heard of these pottys....and have never had the good fortune. Hoping to someday. I will add here, thank you for the tip on the pant legs.......

it is sure to come in handy

Philomina said...


Thank you for your comment to me on An Army Wife's Life's blog. My boyfriend is at OCS now and he just had the talk about "the role of the Army spouse." I'm worried that I won't fit this mold. And yes, I've heard the horror stories of the stuck up officer's wives and I'm worried that I won't fit in.

I hope I'm not coming across as whiny or selfish or anything. I'm just trying to figure out what everything means in terms of the acronyms, his training, etc...

Ah yes, I love that term "squatty potty"!!! Been on my fair share in India. They're not too bad unless they're in an outhouse filled with giant spiders or in a train. Something about looking down and seeing the ground moving beneath you while going potty is a bit unnerving to me.

Anyways, thanks again! Best of luck to you with your travels and adding on to the family!

Household6 said...

Don't worry yourself, again just be you. I told my spouse the day we got married, "I don't own white gloves, I don't cross my legs at my ankles, I won't wear a Jackie Kennedy hat, and I don't care what's on the man's shoulder boards if he's an ass I will be the first to tell him."

He hasn't been fired from a job yet and I still get to be me. ;-)