Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oh my Goddess!

The mystery has finally been solved. Through my travels to nations that have a high Muslim population I have found that I am often the centre of attention - much more than I would ever want (anything above none). When traveling to Morocco, Egypt or Turkey, I always ensured that I dressed in a manner that was respectful of the culture and religion – but always seemed to get paid attention much more than the long legged blondes who wear skin tight, sleeveless clothing.

In Morocco I received a lurid proposition in French (it took me a minute to figure out – eek), Egypt it was several marriage proposals (my travel mates kept a running tally per day) and in Turkey the village leader we visited was unconcerned about my husband sitting next to me while he stared smiling all the way.

Finally though the sky broke open and shed light on this – I am the Fertility Goddess. Yep, that’s right my lovely Irish Child bearing hips, little waist and large bosom is the epitome of the Fertility Goddess! I am not nearly as rotund as some of the early statues of the Turkish version of Fertility, but I am apparently round enough to be the perfect match as far as their culture is concerned. I guess the male tour guides I had previously didn’t want to tell me this, but the female guide we just had pretty much summed it up for me.

This just adds fuel to the fire though of the running joke my friend and I have – we intend on finding a valley in Montana and will build temples to ourselves at the peaks of each side of the valley. Woohoo – I am a Goddess…I always deep down knew that, really I did.

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Cole said...

Hey there...I have the same body style...I say we make that 3 hill tops!

Giggles and love!