Friday, March 17, 2006

You will be visited by three ghosts...

WTF? Every time I turn around my old boss is in the damn building. It's like being visited by the ghost of Christmas past, with the annoyance of the ghost of Christmas future.

I need to get something done and honestly, I ignored anything she had to say when I was talking to my current boss. Actually I didn't really hear what she said (I am sure my selective hearing probably helped out on that) but continued down the hall to find the answer myself for the pure and simple fact that I'd rather drown then ask for her help.

Yes I know don't burn bridges, don't ignore help and let it bite you in the arse. But seriously, there is a long list of things that she has done or has done to me that are unprofessional and in some circumstances, kinda shady. I can't say that I really want help from someone whose moral compass seems to be stuck somewhere between self-serving and Hades.

I would rather let her fade away into the dust and move forward learning and growing from a more positive role model. There are plenty of other people in this building who could serve as a great role model/mentor.

So Marley's ghost needs to get a life and stay the hell out of my building....

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devildog6771 said...

I'm with you. Don't give the "B" the satisfaction!