Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thank you, what vacation?....and baby update

Thank you, no a BIG THANK YOU to all the well wishers and friends on the return of my spouse! There are a few folks that I met through blogging who have made me laugh, made me cry and kept me sane during deployment. For them I thank them very much! I am excited beyond all belief that I finally get to sleep night after night next to a snoring, cover thief, with cold arsed feet. It has been my dream ever since I was a little girl. Honestly, I love that he is home cold feet and all.

I am pondering the thought about whether to keep blogging or not. Not a lot of folks comment much anymore so I am either really boring or readers are just really afraid of me. I am looking at moving towards documenting our upcoming move and of course the trials and errors of having kids. I am still up in the air and will have to think a little more as to how much time I can spend kvetching about the goofy things in life. It is a really good release for me but I can journal instead if I am just looking at a release of frustration, emotions or energy.

As for taking time off in general, folks I can’t. Work is not in a situation where they can actually let me go spend days with the spouse. With the Army transformation of Europe going where it is and what I do for a living, I am a VERY busy girl. If I could be home I would, but its not in the cards at the moment.

I spent one day at home taking another test called a HSG to look at the anatomical makeup of “my baby making stuff” on Monday. That was about the extent of my staying home with the spouse – getting poked, prodded and told to hold still…and don’t forget to breath. The good news is that this is the second test to show that there are no uterine abnormalities or issues with the tubes. The bad news is the Radiologist said my cervix was abnormal according to him. This is the third doc to say this, but I am now at the point where I ask is abnormal just another way of saying “healthy, but atypical anatomically?”

I am waiting to hear back from the OB/GYN to tell me to go forward and reproduce at will & hopefully it won’t be long now to hear those words. Especially since we all know that "practice makes perfect," right?


Anonymous said...

I had the HSG and that same cycle I got pregnant, so keep the faith! I've undergone fertility treatments for years and am now expecting our third little bundle of joy while my hubby is in the desert. Congrats on your Soldier being home!!!

kbug said...

I'm sorry you're not getting to spend extra time with your Soldier now that he's home, after all, you'd like to get pregnant, and we all know that this involves time with your Soldier...... :) Anyway, I didn't happen across your blog till just recently...your homecoming post made me cry the other day...but I am fairly new at blogging. My Soldier, my youngest son, is in the sandbox till the end of the year, and every blog I've come across, including yours, has been such a help in dealing with his deployment and knowing what to expect. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. I only hope that writing about my experiences can help someone too. For now, give your Soldier a big hug for me and tell him I'm glad he's home.

Cole said...

Don't stop! Please, this keeps us all connected. Sides, you have a ton of good stories in that head still. I want them in writing for all the world to see!

Glad to hear that you are not abnormal down there! lol Just everywhere else. You are one in a million, keep blogging. It gives me a much needed break and laugh during the day! Sides, then I would have to come steal your journal and read it...I would get arrested. I don't have the money to bail myself out. I would have to call the family. They would be see what I am getting at here!

hugs and love to you both!

julie anna said...

Keep writing!! Pleeeeeease...

Household6 said...

Kbug, I would have emailed a response but "hello" to you! Glad we could help. There are several mom's who have blogs I just haven't had the time to update my links to them.

Anon Thanks for the thoughts, the HSG can clear blocked tubes so I bet you were pregnant right after - tee hee hee! My doc was trying to figure out if I had a double uterus and if one of my ovaries and tube went to this supposed finger/inlet reducing my fertility chances or went to the main uterus. The good news is that they both go where they are supposed to - so now they need to decide what is so abnormal about my cervix and if it may cause baby making problems.

Lauren said...

Tried to leave a comment on this the other day, but it wouldn't let me for whatever reason.
Glad your still writing, but should you ever decide to take a break, you know how to find me via email. Please do! :-)