Friday, March 24, 2006

Still waters creates inbreeding

Oh hell, I did not know the nepotism ran so deep on my frickin’ team! While absent mindedly listening to a co-worker talk to someone else in the building I just saw (okay heard really) how much the old boss was stacking the house with her friends on our team...

A female hire we shall call “Willow” is the girlfriend of her best male friend who works in the IT section (Do we still wonder how she got such easy access to my PC to search it while I was out on R&R Leave?). Nice favour don't you think, hiring your friend's girlfriend?

The newest hire we shall call “3” is good friends with another male friend whom she babysits their kids all the time. They all party in the same circles

She parties with an assistant on our team we shall call “Mrs Powers” as well as partying with the male we shall call “T.” These two are having an affair (it may be over now, I dont travel in that cirlce anymore)even though Mrs Powers is married. Don't even ask me to comment on this one.

Lastly my current boss who swears to me that she is quite aware of the moral deficiencies of the old boss still has lunch with the old boss at least once a week…yet she tells me to “trust” in her, that she knows my quality of work and that the old boss had personal issues with me. She will make sure that I get a good job reference where ever I end up. I have to wonder though if you lie down with dogs don’t you eventually end up with fleas?

And people wonder why I seem a little paranoid?


Cole said...

you are wonderful. This is better than Alias some days!


Lauren said...

Nope, I don't wonder at all! :-)