Thursday, February 16, 2006

You MADE me hit you...

I had a complete Friend Green Tomatoes “I’m older and have more car insurance” episode last night. I think maybe I have just had enough of Germany or just enough of this deployment. Either way I had to laugh at myself and then feel really, really guilty for not keeping my cool and using my head on this.

Our mailroom is situated on a small road with parking on one side and enough space for two cars to pass each other. For some dumb reason folks love to park in the fire lane next to the mailroom and the parking spots because they are lazy and don’t want to have to find a real parking spot. I apparently made the mistake of parking in a spot that is right across from the mailroom and the fire lane last night. As I came walking out with my mail and a package, I placed the stuff in my car as a guy was pulling up. He looked right at me, where I was parked, and left his car in the fire lane.

Well, I guess I lost my mind, I swore threw my hands in the air and got into the car. A lady in a van next to me looked at me like I was nuts. I sat there for a minute debating between waiting and trying to fit. I tried to fit while the van lady watched. She didn’t even offer to be a ground guide. I thought I had it, went back another inch and tapped his car. That caused another whole round of swearing and hand waving because now I have to go in, talk to the idiot, etc. This van lady was still just staring at me like I had completely lost (I am thinking she was quite astute).

Here’s what cracks me up and makes me embarrassed all at the same time. As I walk in to find the guy I told him, “Hey, you double parked your car. You MADE me hit your car.” Confused and somewhat pissed he asked how bad it was as we walked outside. I showed him the damage. He could rub most of it off, and could buff the other out at the auto crafts center. I just kept saying that he double parked, he saw me but he double parked and he MADE me hit his car. Finally some where in there I said I’m sorry, although it must have sounded so utterly contrived.

He left after saying everything was okay so we didn’t exchange numbers or info, but afterwards I felt kind of like a jerk. Yes he did double park and yes he stared right at me while he got out of the car knowing I probably couldn’t fit. That does make him a jerk.

I on the other hand could have waited for him or went inside and yelled at him to move his damn car, or even waited for him and then yelled at him for blocking me in. He did not make me do anything that I didn’t choose to do myself by trying to squeeze out of the spot. I am not sure what caused me to lose it. I haven’t lost my temper or became such a spaz for a long, long time. This is normally something that would cause me to roll my eyes not tell a guy how he made me back into his car.

So it appears that my patients for this deployment and people have come to a breaking point. It’s time for the hubby to come home, so I can burrow back into a cave or something and snuggle for a while.


Cole said...

You go girl. Don't go changing to please us! Giggles! You just crack me up. I am so going to double park around you when you get home!

devildog6771 said...

I understand completely. And, it seems I find myslef venting sometimes at dumb stupid thigs. Maybe that's how I kept from really going off on the big things. I have gotten better as I have matured, lol, as in got older!

MQ said...

Ah yes, I could totally relate to that story. I had a simliar parking lot blow up at the beginning of my husband's deployment...and now 1/2 way through I'm really stressed. I avoid crowded parking lots :)

Anonymous said...

Been there, scratched that car :) And it was my bosses' car! He was pissed, but wrong and not in a position to do anything :) You go, girl!

-Clark the ex-Navy guy