Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I have been following this one baby book I picked up about four months ago. It’s a 90 day pre-conception book. It goes through all sorts of things you should take care of before trying to get pregnant. It talks about taking your prenatal vitamins, getting a physical (and the girlie one), adding foods, cutting down on foods and of course incorporate more exercise into my life. I have actually been a good girl. I‘ve been taking the prenatal vitamins for almost two months now, got the physical, got the girlie exam, got stuck with the MRI and the crazy doc saying “This is soo cool!” with his head between my legs and have been working on cutting down on the caffeine.

I stopped having a Coke every night and only have one or two during the weekends. I still drink coffee but limit it to one cup a day. I even gave up my 2-3 Redbulls a day habit. I was trekking down this path for at least a month and then this week happened!

Crap I have had more Redbulls in one week than I probably have since before I stopped drinking them. The shoppette at the barracks I work at hasn’t restocked their cold coffee drinks so I started grabbing the Redbull. Bad, bad move on my part. Not only am I drinking the damn things again but I am also noticing the excitability, irritability and that funky feeling high blood pressure can have by having too much of that stuff in my system. Oh don’t let me forget to mention the fact that I am a restless sleeper again, where the caffeine (even a cup at night) doesn’t make me lie in bed for three hours trying to drift off to sleep.

So I am back to square one on the OD’ing on Redbull. I will have to cut back and then stop drinking them (on a gradual basis) or I end up becoming worthless at work. (Make any jokes about me being worthless now and I shall bean you over your pretty little head!)

And how do people drink Redbull and vodka? That’s like a speedball…which makes me think of John Belushi.


Katy said...

I have never had a red bull in my life. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Cole said...

I drink my red bull with a 50/50 shot of Malibu rum and 151 rum...drop it in and do about 3 of those and you are done for the night! Giggles! Hugs and love!

Lauren said...

Redbull and Vodka nearly killed me when I got over here and got hooked. I love that stuff, but cannot, must not, ever drink it again. I've heard green tea is wonderful to drink...found that on one of the pre-conception sites I was visiting before Ben left. I've been drinking it for a couple of months now. Can't say I like it, but I've gotten used to it. I've only had it cold so far and am going to try it hot, too. My addiction is Mtn. Dew. I've had to limit those for myself. Ughh!
Hugs & Love,

Household6 said...

Katy I love Redbull and hate not drinking it but once you get started its hard to stop it.

You two trouble makers and Redbull! Oh I see I need nicknames for you two now like "speedy" and "Belushi." H ha hah ha