Tuesday, January 10, 2006

People of Egypt

I love to take photos, especially of life and of people. If I went to school for a little bit I could probably turn my hobby into a decent paying job. These are just some photos I snapped while milling about waiting to get on the bus, or walking to a monument.

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I snuck this photo through the bus window. We were at the entrance to the Valley of the Kings. Its about a five minute drive from the actual site, but there were some statue guards that everyone had to take photos at. Of course like any place of capitalism, a "junk shop" as I call them opened right across the road. This was a bus driver and a policeman sharing a smoke while waiting around.

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These guys had me laughing. They are Hindus, but were tourists actually. People were so facinated by them that they started to ignore the giant pyramids behind them and wanted their photo taken with the Hindus (like the guy seen here). They were pretty accommodating but eventually asked if they could finish taking their own photos with the pyramids before anymore were taken with them.

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I had to sneak this photo. This guard was watching the steps that lead up the pyramid. People were not supposed to climb on them but never seemed to listen. He would wave, yell and blow his whistle and they all acted like he must have been talking to someone else. A group of tourists asked if they could take his photo and he said no. About that time this French couple were climbing up the stairs and he started to watching them, ready to yell....that's when I snapped my photo.

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This photo is priceless. Mom or brother were trying to take her baggie of cereal away and she wasn't having it. Talk about learning how to give the evil eye, she was a pro at two years of age!

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Cole said...

These are wonderful! You have always had a great eye. Glad to hear that the doctor thing seems to be finally moving forward...here is to a baby being created in 2006!