Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Patient Rep Sit Rep

I called the Patient Rep back today. I couldn't get my complaint to fit in the ICE so I thought I'd try again. She was really nice and said that there were a few messages shouldn't couldn't understand and she apologized for not calling back.

I gave my story, my concerns and my complaint - If I have all these factors, a lesion, another doctor's request, a lump in my groin, prior HPV who the hell cares that my labs look good? What if the experience of my PCM is limited and he took a poor sample? She fully understood my concern and let me know how the process would go.

The doc will be contacted and have him review the records and the situation. She also mentioned that the Airman who put me in the deferment off post would be talked to as that's "not how the hospital works here." I quickly stepped in on that and said in her defense, I was elated that she put the deferment in because at least someone would see me. I don't want her getting ripped on when she seemed like the only person willing to try and help me.

So now I wait for the doctor to call me back. I am super glad that he will be talking to me and not a clerk. No disrespect to those that get stuck manning the front desk, but when you play the telephone game something always gets lost in translation.

I feel so just happy that this matter got brought to the surface to be reviewed and resolved. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they don't blow me off and say it was that the clinic was full, we would never dismiss a patient like that.

So power to the little people! (hmmm, Marley's rumming through my head)


LorelieLong said...

gawd, what a head ache.

Is everything all clear though?

devildog6771 said...

Hope everythhing is ok.