Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The wonder drug

So WHY didn't anyone tell me that pre-natal vitamins were so cool? I must be deficient on several vitamins in my regular diet because I have not had this much energy for years. I have even had a more regular sleep pattern over the last five days.

So where's the catch? Why aren't docs given these out and calling them the 'Ranger Candy' of the homefront world? There has to be a catch like an overdose of a certain vitamin or something. In the mean time, look at me I'm an dancin' and going with all this extra "umph" this week.


Christie said...

pre-natals are great

julie anna said...

I had forgotten how wonderful they really are. Maybe I'll go pick some up because I sure need some energy. That is a good question though- why don't the Dr's hand them out to everyone?

LorelieLong said...

I hated 'em. They make me nauseous.

The Doc at 7th SFG (where I used to work) used to give 'em out to all females. He always pointed out that even if you weren't trying if you were sexually active there was always a chance. And he also used to point out how crappy the average person's diet really is.