Monday, December 12, 2005

5 Weird Habits

I haven't been tagged in a while so this one seemed like fun. An American in Italy hit me up to tell my 5 weird habits. Lets see how much of a nut you think I am after this.

1. I love to solve puzzles, any kind of puzzle. People love to give me the answer they can't find at work because I like researching and looking for the answer. I won't give up until I find it either.

2. If I am home alone and have been out for the evening, I go through the whole house turning on a light in each room and check the closets, rooms, nooks & crannies for the boogeyman.

3. I am like a mynah bird - I will pick up your accent, words you use or another language merely by hanging out with you or around the people speaking another language. I am also good at guessing where you are from by your accent as well.

4. I am addicted to caffeine. Coffee, Redbull, Mountain Dew it doesn't matter but you better not deny me my caffeine source in the morning or you will suffer the wrath.

5. My last weird habit would be that my food can't touch. If you were to look at my plate whether its at home or at a buffet somewhere there will always be one finger width of space between each food. I hate it when the sauce spills over into another section of food as well.

6. I will give you one more because it goes with number five, I only eat one food at a time as well. I start with the veggies, eat them all then move on to the meat or the starch depending on how I feel. I won't mix or match, I eat one whole food group at a time.

I got dogged the last time I tagged someone so I won't this time, but hey feel free to add yourself if you'd like. :-)


Tom said...

I also do the mynah bird accent thing. Scottish people tend to take it the wrong way.


Cole said...

I so knew all those. The food one cracks me up to this day. I kind of do the same thing, just not to the extreme you do. But I think of you whenever I eat...Which means I think of you lots! Hugs and come home now!

Kristen said...

Hi, I'm Kristen and I saw you from, I'm an Army vet turned wife, and had to laugh when I saw this entry, as my foods can't touch either. I'm going to add you to my favorites if you don't mind.....