Thursday, December 22, 2005

Frog Girl and Secret Squirrel

The duckling has hatched and has made his first flight - yeah, yeah that's the secret squirrel part and I can't sit still. My handy has been plastered to my hand every where I go including into the ladies while at work. I hope he makes another attempt at flying soon and makes it farther this time around.

As for frog girl I had a queer dream about Cameron Diaz this morning after a 1am phone call to give me an operations update from agent duckling. Some how for what ever goofy reason I was excited at the thought of her calling me but then didn't believe that it was her when she called. I started getting demanding of my friends to prove that it was her and she pops around the corner waving like a nutcase and laughing that snorty, Horseshack kind of laugh. I have no idea why her, not at all. She is not my favourite actress by anymeans. Oh and its frog girl because if you look at her mouth and cheeks they look like a frog's mouth and cheeks!

Homebase of secret squirrel out!

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