Monday, November 28, 2005

The Punishers Ball

I think I am in love with Bruce Willis.

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Photo taken, owned and copyrighted by Michael Yon at Michael Yon

Not because he's an older guy who is one heck of a hottie, but for his support of the troops. Go read Michael Yon's dispatch about Bruce attending the Punisher's ball. As well as Michael'ss two interviews on Rita Cosby that had Mr. Willis included by telephone.

Bruce rocks...and yes he is a babe! (LOL) In the imortal words of Yakko - HELLO NURSE!

UPDATE - I went to IMDb to see just how old Bruce was and saw he was born in Idar-Oberstein. That is a stone's throw from where we are currently living. How sweet is that?

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Lauren said...

I've been in love with Bruce for a very long time. After reading Michael Yon's dispatch, I am convinced I now love him even more! ;-)
Thanks for sharing!