Monday, November 28, 2005

In the eye of a hurricane

Last night I had a weird dream. I was in a shelter with a girl who was my best friend from birth until our senior year of high school. We were hiding out from a hurricane waiting for it to blow over. Only the two of us were in the basement portion and everyone else was one level above. The basement floor was granite, dark with earth red flecks in it. About the time the eye of the storm hit us, we went outside did something I can't remember and came back. Then my husband told me the dog had died. I went back down to the granite basement only to find her wagging her tail (and butt, she wags with her whole body) waiting for my return.

I am going to assume this is my subconcious telling me that eventhough my troll of a boss gave me a 2 block (a "B" grade in simple terms) when the accomplishments I sumbitted outshined two other team members to the point it ain't funny - that I should ride out this storm. It's not a bad performance score, but it truly reflects what she personally feels about me - the troll doesn't like me. She knows that it gets under my skin with this rating so even with what I submitted she gave it again to burn me.

So I guess I will ride this one out, knowning that I have never been 2 blocked by any other supervisor I have had and that we are out of this place and her evil little reign in about 7 months. Besides who really cares when after 2 years her performance ratings will be like a bad credit rating that forever disappears off of you record.

Now can someone tell me what the dog and the granite from Egypt have to do with the price of tea in China?


anna belle said...

I was reading your blog for a paper than I have to write for a telecomm class and I was thinking about your dog. You said that your husband comes to tell you the dog is dead, but you find her all right in the basement. The dog and your husband are connected deeply in your mind (as shown in your thanksgiving blog, the love you share for both), and having your husband tell you that you lost your dog is unveiling the fear of losing your husband. But going back down and finding the dog ok shows the confidence you have in your husband and your strength and fortitude. You subconsciously fear for him, but know that he will be return home safely to you.

Household6 said...

Cool Psych's so Freudian...And the Egyptian granite and my x-best friend of a billion years ago?

See this is why I don't eat spicy food right before going to bed anymore - LOL