Monday, November 14, 2005

My turn, my turnnnnn....

The green eyed monster has hit me just a bit but in an overall positive way. My co-worker heard from her husband that he is somewhere along the midpoint to arriving for R&R. I don't want to give to much info and create an OPSEC issue but lets just say she will be seeing him in a short time now.

I am excited for her, but a wee bit jealous all the same. Oh the joy she will have of wrapping her arms around her husband, giving him a bit fat smack on the cheek hello. I am so envious that she will get to have him so close to her, even if all they do is watch TV (ya right that's all they will do).

I know my time will come, and my spouse will be sitting next to me as I stare, resting my head on his shoulder while giggling like a schoolgirl. Not much longer now, but sooner than I think.


julie anna said...

You are right about the giddy school girl part- I get all nervous and giddy and walk into things when I am about to see my hubby after being apart. Hang in there! He'll be in your arms soon :)

Firepower 5 said...

It'll be your turn sooner than you imagine.

I think the websense is down on BAF so I'm taking advantage to visit all the sites that are normally blocked.

Great posts as usual and I like the new template.