Monday, November 14, 2005

Documentarian my butt

I was debating on whether to say anything until I saw a comment on Homefront6 wrote about the movie Jarhead. I really didn't want to speak out of turn, but am sort of annoyed at those that want to make a profit off of me for things I don't agree with.

I have never seen Michael Moore's films, as honestly I don't want him to have my money and profit off of me. I've watched him and later read remarks at the Oscars and was really disgusted. Last night on Sky a journalist made a documentry about Moore, and attempted to contact him - to no avail of course.

She traveled to his hometown of Finlt, MI. All I have to say is thank heavans he is not from CA. I am a little irritated with my home state for passing such a NIMBY law discouraging ROTC, or recruiters from schools but that's a different post. Anyways from listening to the various people that she interviewed, they were really mixed. Some thought what he did for the autoworkers in Flint was great - a real power to the little man deal. Most though, that were his friends were really hurt and even sued for his betrayl of their friendship. WB paid out to the man that Moore Slandered in his film since they bought the rights to it.

Overall she did what a true documentarian does, she went into a story without a predefined ending. She may have edited for time, but in general she provided an even picture of both sides of the debate of Moore. Moore on the other hand, does not really make a documentry - he's a commentitarian (if that's a word). I am sorry I know he won an Oscar, but he goes into a story head on with an ending already in mind. This completely negates the point of documenting life or a people as they occur, but shows you exactly what HE wants you to see. He funnels the images to produce what he thinks you should get out of it. My history professor along with mulitple historians would be agasht at creating such a biased bit of nonesense and calling it a documentry.

I still won't go see his films, he doesn't desrve my hard earned dollar. From the sounds of it, I won't go see Jarhead either.


Cole said...

I agree 200%. Michael Moore is not a documentarian...he is a man with enough money to make a film about what he thinks and wants the world to believe.

Katy said...

I agree with you. I will probably never see either movie.

Anonymous said...

I googled "butt" and you're Number 1! Just kidding, I think you're spot on. I haven't seen any of traitor Moore's shit and don't plan to.
-Sgt Hook