Monday, November 07, 2005

Getting back to the norm

CVG has a great post about a restaurant in MD that opens their doors to wounded vets and provides them a free meal. Not just any meal mind you but a big ol' steak, all the fixins' and drinks.

This isn't just about saying thank you though, the restaurant provides a place where the service members can try to get back to normal. There's no hospital smell nor hospital food for that matter. Folks just go about their business allowing for the soldiers to work on getting back to the norm.

I am so glad that the owner decided to do this. I've had my share of working with the wounded while making my rounds at LRMC issuing ID cards for MEDAVAC patients. I ended up on many occasions talking to service members for hours because they wanted someone other than the staff to talk to. I've seen plenty of girlfriend, wives and baby photos all beautiful of course. So to have a place where they can get out of the 'military zone' or even just to not really have to think about the recovery process is a Godsend in my opinion.

Please don't forget that there are four days left of the Valor IT project. Sgt Hook mentioned to Homefront6 that if those that read her blog (mine or otherwise) just donate $5, that the Army Team could reach their goal in no time. Please donate if you can - if you have already thanks!

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