Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Giving up my day job

I should give up my day job! Not because I caught my boss in a bold face lie (in writing no less - Can we say blackmail?) but because I think I need to buy a tool belt and join Tim Allen. If I could figure out how to write the noise Tim makes while doing something cool I would – I am that good at home improvement projects!

On Monday literally at the crack of dawn two delivery men showed with my new schrank, coffee table, end tables and curio cabinet. My husband and I had been saving for over a year for it and finally ½ of my order had arrived. The other half was stained the wrong colour and will arrive sometime in December. I watched the guys put it together and asked questions about drawer releases so that when we move it can be taken apart and crated. They brought their own hole saw so I had them cut a few holes for the cables that I will need to run later. Their final act was to level the schrank. I asked them to keep it away from the wall for now so I could slip behind it later and run cables. As a kind person that I am I sent them off with two cans of Coke each since I have no kitchen at the moment for coffee.

The next task was putting all the entertainment components into the new schrank. I found out quite quickly that the schrank was too close to the wall for me to fit behind, so all the cables would need to be pulled from the front. That and frankly being that flattened behind a 10 foot long schrank with my fear of tight spaces started to make my eye twitch. What did I do? Easy, I grabbed a wire coat hanger and fastened it into a hook. I used it to grab cables from the back and pull them through as well as stringing the cables for the satellite to the wall outlet. Again this goes back to my awesome dad who made me pull wire at job sites when I was a kid.

The other super MacGyver thing I did was to label all my cables. Smart, smart girl as I knew which one was for what when I had my head shoved into small openings and was totally pressed for space. This is not a daddy’s cool thing but my anal retentiveness coming out to shine in all it’s glory.

The last thing I had to do was get the big ol’ honking TV into its new home. We haven’t gone to a flatscreen yet because this TV is only 4 years old. I called my neighbor to send her husband over when he got home and had a chance to relax. In the meantime I went to dinner. Sadly, after half a large margarita I had to stop drinking otherwise I’d be calling a taxi. My neighbor wasn't home from work yet and I became impatient - I wanted to finish the install so I could relax. So with liquid courage running through my veins I decided to lift the TV myself. Here I am with a floor length skirt pulled up around my bum, barefoot and ready to deadlift like an Olympic weightlifter; I hike the TV up onto the shelf and manage to pull the cord out from underneath. Yeah, I am Woman hear me roar!

I of course had to test out the new configuration of our speakers and to make sure all of the connections were good. After checking the satellite systems I went ahead and put in The Chronicles of Riddick. I like this movie because I want the yoked shoulders of Vin Diesel. Not personally on me, but just to look at and drool over – no wonder my friend said I needed to get laid and if R&R for my spouse was anytime soon. I am a nut for jonesin’ over Vin Diesel’s shoulders

UPDATE: This morning, I am feeling the results of my liquid courage. My back is killing me on my right side. I guess I will have to down a little Ibuprofen today for being such a supergirl/crazy fool.


h2opolodolly said...

Haha...I know what you are saying; Chronicles of Riddick is one of my favorite movies. There is something so enjoyable about watching a movie on an entertainment center that you just set up without a man's help!!!

Household6 said...

Thanks Dolly! I enjoyed it eventhough I shoudn't fawn over a pair of shoulders but okay I give.

On a side note I passed your info off to the person you were looking for.


julie anna said...

I, too, have to admit that I have a serious weakness for nice shoulders on a man!