Friday, September 09, 2005

The furry victims of Katrina

Look at this face! This poor pup was locked in his home in New Orleans after his owner left or was rescued. This just breaks my heart.
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We had a discussion at work the other day as to whether we would leave our pets behind. I would be like many owners that refused to leave their pets behind. I would either become a pain in the arse instisting that they allow me to bring fluffy on the boat or just stay behind. Rescue workers for the ASPCA and others such as volunteer vets are now going into areas hit looking for and rescuing the pets that owners couldn't take.

With a face like this guy above I would be hard pressed to not want to adopt all of the animals affected by Katrina until their rightful owners could be found - just look at that face!


Firepower 5 said...


Good to see your blog again. On leave for a couple of weeks in Colorado and away from the websense filters of Bagram. Thanks for the continued support.


Jennifer said...

Woowoo girly, I totally agree with you there. I wouldn't give up my baby boy, Thor, for anything! I've been volunteering for the Red Cross to get money over to the Hurricane victims. Times like these...we all gotta do our part :o)

I hope you're doing well!!

The Girl said...

I saw this today, and thought you would appreciate this, too.