Thursday, August 25, 2005

Now boys & girls open your desks and take out a number two pencil....

Fall semester starts in about two weeks for me. I hope that this class is presented in a livelier manner than my summer semester class. I love labor/employee relations but the Prof made the material dry, boring and stereotypical of what people think when they hear the course title. So this time around I am studying job elements analysis/compensation. Yes, it’s another geeky subject that I enjoy so let’s hope that it’s presented much better.

I also spent most of my evening last night contemplating a professional national certification. It's similar to being a CPA but instead you are a PHR (Human Resources Professional). My organization is offering to pay for the study materials and will reimburse you for the testing costs if you pass the exam. I was jumping at the chance like my dog begs for steak scraps!

Then I get hit with it, at the end of karate my Sensei tells me that he expects me and another girl to test for first Dan (black belt first degree) in December. This means skipping a stripe and going straight for black belt. Ugh, how can I balance work, grad school, karate and studying for my PHR all at the same time? Not mention that some where in there R&R will take place for the hubby. So after long consideration and watching reruns of the first season of America's Next Top Model, I decided to forego the PHR until January. Yeah the government won't be paying for the study materials but I can still test with them in May. Since the test results are instantaneous I am sure I can try to convince my boss to go to bat to be reimbursed for the testing fees.

I so look forward to spending most of my classes face first on a matt as we move into the more advanced throws and takedowns! Now if I can only get my neighbor to quit throwing all her whopping 140 lbs directly onto my ribs with her knee. I at least drop closer to the hip giving the hips a chance to support my weight.

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