Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Huffington Post can kiss my...

Left foot! I am really disappointed in them. They have bloggers that post from both sides of the house but for the last three days the comment I entered on one of Cindy Sheehan's posts just never gets there. There are several other comments noting that it is their 3rd or 4th attempt. I also noticed that those that seem to never make it until the 4th try are those that disagree with her.

I don't disagree with a mother grieving for her son, but I do disagree with pulling all of the military out of Iraq, now. The U.S. can't leave a country with a half built infrastructure especially since we were the ones to tear down the previous one (crazy or not the country was stable). I had pointed out in my comments time and time again that there was good happening over there but that the media did not show it. I also pointed out that it was appalling for her to state that every soldier that died (including her son), died in vain as a senseless death. I also reminded her of such political things as the horrid backlash this country would suffer from the UN and other UN & EU nations if the U.S. just walks away now leaving the country to implode. The deaths of all of the innocent Iraqis are what would truly be a senseless death.

None of this, absolutely none of this made it under Ms. Sheehan's post. So I guess or gather that the only dissenting posts they will post are those that make themselves out to be utter loons. The folks that make an educated, calm and reasonable response seem to just disappear. So I guess I should write my response more like:

"ms sheehan u'r soo wrong grl! what er u thinkin? em solderboys R such qdpies!!!!!!"

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Chris said...

Well, the end of the post made me laugh.

I totally agree with you. I think from reading my site, you probably already know how I feel about Sheehan and the whole situation; I feel pretty much the same as you.

We can't leave now. We broke it, we fix it. I'm glad to see, albeit a military person, agreeing with the contention that Iraq was nonetheless stable before we entered. Sure it wasn't a vacation resort, but we did break it. And 400 civilians weren't being blown up in the streets either.

Even with all that, all the chaos and bloodshed, I agree with Bush that we have to finish the mission-- whatever that mission might be this week.

Good post.