Thursday, July 07, 2005

What rock did he crawl out from?

And how soon can he go back? Over at the Grass isn't Greener , Katy has a media clip of Michael Crook on Hannity and Colmes on FOX. He apparently had his own website where he promotes the defamation, belittlement of service members as well as celebrating their deaths. This guy is a complete and utter nut - he's a sick person really.

What I loved about this clip was watching the commentator drill his Jane Fonda wannabe butt into the ground. He couldn't really even understand the concept that all those soldiers he's spitting on happens to be one of the main reasons he can even make the comments and websites like that in the first place.

In the really bad, evil, vengeful part of me, I hope people like this end up with the same fate as inmates convicted of crimes against children - the prison population creates their own justice system and pounds them to smithereens. I told you it was the evil part or me thinking aloud.


Mom said...

Try going here and see what you think. CJ has a great post about this Jane Fonda wanna be.
CJ is great,check him out.

Household6 said...

Thanks Mom!

Katy said...

Isn't it sad that so many (he is one of many I am sure) take for granted what you and your husband sacrifice for. Thank you so much for your sacrifices. You are the true American!!!!