Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What about Bob?

My co-worker asked me today if I watch cartoons. Yes I admit I love cartoons. I will be the one that gets up with the kids in the morning to plop down in front of the telly with my pillow and a bowl of Fruity Pebbles to watch Winnie the Pooh and other celluloid creations. I am a big fan of Samurai Jack, Winnie the Pooh and some of the other more classic cartoons - Speed Racer, G Force, Jetsons, Atom Ant, The Banana Splits, Hong Kong Phooey & Secret Squirrel.

Being from Haiti my co-worker sometimes has a bit of an accent and I need to think about what she says before I answer. So after the cartoon question she asks me,"So what about Bob?" Bob? Who's Bob? More like what cartoon is Bob from? I am only half paying attention in an effort to get some work done and ask, "Which Bob?"

"BOB!" She exclaims, "That stupid spongey guy. What about BOB? Why do people like this stupid, yellow sponge? I do not understand this fascination with a dimwitted square yellow sponge named BOB!" I move my head around my monitor to look at her and start giggling as she goes down this list of annoyances she finds about 'Bob.'

  • Why does a sponge live in a pineapple?
  • Why does a sponge wear clothes? And a tie? Why a tie?
  • He looks like a kitchen sponge, why would a kitchen sponge live in the sea?
  • Why does he need to go to the beach when he lives in the ocean? Isn't his front yard covered in sand?
  • What is wrong with Patrick? His best friend (Patrick) can't even swim but HE'S a starfish?
  • What is a KrabbyPatty made of? Are they some kind of cannibal?
  • Who can stand that voice? Don't mention his laugh, it scares me!

Her questions were cracking me up. I was laughing so hard I started to cry. Such loathing for a cartoon character is so funny to me that I keep giggling every time I think about it.

So what about Bob?

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