Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The three ducks

These three ducks walk into a bar and up to the bartender behind the counter.
"Say, what's your name?" the bartender asked the first duck.

"Huey," was the reply.
"How's your day been, Huey?"
"Great. Lovely day. Had a ball. Been in and out of puddles all day. What else could a duck want?" said Huey.
"Oh. That's nice," said the bartender.
The bartender smiles and places a beer on the counter in front of the duck.

He turned to the second duck, "Hi, and what's your name?"
"Dewey," came the answer from duck number two.
"So how's your day been, Dewey?" he asked.
"Great. Lovely day. I've had a ball too. Been in and out of puddles all day myself. What else could a duck want?"
Again the bartender smiles as he sets the beer down in front of the second duck.

The bartender turned to the third duck and said, "So, you must be Louie?"

"No," she said, batting her eyelashes.
"My name is Puddles."

Thank you Kara that made my day....

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CaliValleyGirl said...

Oh I am still chuckling out loud...that is soooo naughty!