Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Needles, needles and more needles

We decided to try IVF again.  We spent about 2 months "off" as my body needed to repair itself and be ready for a new round.  We went back to the RE and he's got me trying DHEA, Co Q 10 and recommend acupuncture.  We are also trying a different protocol - the Lupron flare.  Its for low responders aka chicks who dont produce a lot of eggs and helps to produce more.  So since its another drug, it means more shots.  Yes, yes I so love sticking myself over and over with needles (if you missed the sarcasism you must not know me very well).  Anyways, I stab myself 4-5 times each and every day for 10 days.  So 50 jabs is just such fun.  But really if it works then its worth it.

The other issue is more needles.  I had my first acupuncture appointment tonight.  Eastern medicine is different of course so you must have an open mind otherwise well it won't work.  It's a hard concept sometimes for me to even get but in general westerners just have a hard time.  I connected with my therapist I think and she loved talking about Chinese Medicine, so my natural habit of "whatca doing now?" worked out well. 

I had a little headache afterwards from apparently not listening and not eating right before the session (bad toad).  But overall I feel perky-er, relaxed, and with some extra energy.  I'm a little sore in my shoulders too but nothing eath shattering.   Apparently my liver system really out of balance.  Its going to take a bit to get it back in balance, but we are working against time.  We are supposed to do the retrieval next week, but we are going to work a short version of the long stuff and get me as releaxed and balanced as possible for the upcoming procedures.  I'm also having to change a few things - no more ice water (room temp), no cold stuff at all actually.  No more sweets, no dairy and bitter foods (aka leafy greens).  For the next few weeks I think I can handle that.  Stopping my can of Coke a day will suck but I'll survive.

I'll go over a session some time in the future.  It's weird, but cool but weird.  I could listen to her explain about Chinese medicine all night long.  Yes I'm a total nerd.

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