Monday, November 12, 2012


Went to see the RE today and we've scrapped this round of IVF. My hormones are low and the U/S shows only a few follicles. I'm bummed. We were even working the acupuncture too in an effort to have a better IVF this go round. The RE acted like he was trying to help by telling me that we didn't have to pay the fees and yes its great that we are only out a small amount of the IVF fees, but geeze that's not what I focusing on.  Yeah keeping about 9 grand is cool, but was not the first frickin' thing on my mind.

We were really hoping this would be it. I read a ton of stuff about this protocol (flare) since we tried a new one and I didn't read the best about it for low responders. I know it works as I know another woman that used it, but she's in her early 30s, not overweight and doesn't have the same work stress I do. But my gut was telling me that when I asked a few questions about switching things around to account for what I read and he basically said no, we weren't changing the protocol - that there might be an issue.

On a good note, I like my accupuncturist. It does make me feel less stressed which is nice. So hopefully she can help get my body back on track and have a positive IUI out of this.

I'm not sure we can face another around of IVF, even with this scrapped one. I'm hitting 41 soon which reduces our success rate of IVF. The RE has brought up a donor egg and I'm having to think about that - alot. I'm stuck on that although I'd carry it, it wouldn't totally be mine, not really. It might almost be easier to just adopt. I just haven't had enough time to think about these options though and want to concentrate on the IUI for now and see if our accupuncturist can't lend a hand. I just want a second baby, our family isn't complete yet, not to us anyways.

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