Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Work can be dangerous to your health

Okay work's been sucky well just a pain in the arse really. I hate the unit I service they want to do my job but not follow the rules I'm required to follow. My new supervisor is very hard to read but his constructive criticism is a bit hard to swallow since he knows nothing about my job nor the legalities/regulations I must follow. So when the unit bitches about how I'm an effing arse he comes and yells at me and then turns around later after someone else has pointed out that its not my fault goes "oh" but that's about it. I've asked twice now to be moved to another assignment and have gotten one response fomr the big boss "lets discuss" but nothing more.

So after about three hours at work the weirdest feelings came over me. I was dizzy, I had a metal taste in my mouth, my face, hands and feet were pins & needles, my ankles were cankles and I had a headache. I put my face in my hands, closed my eyes and just tried to relax. It didn't seem to get better and that was about the time one co-worker walked by and asked if I was okay. These symptoms were a little concerning to me so I agreed to be driven to the ER.

Basically after all the tests and such the PA thinks I had an anxiety attack. Something about breathing to fast like you are hyperventalating causes the pins & needles but my breathing isn't any different than normal. I am stressed out more than normal though (after someone pointed it out to me that I mentioned it before and mentioned that I might be stressed because of overly crying behavior). I'm supposed to follow up with my regular doc if this doesn't go away.

I'm still having some tingles in my hands and face and the headache. What was suckyier than that was apparently when Miss A went upstairs to tell the coo-coo for co-co-puffs big boss and her only comment was "why didnt you call the ambulance?" She even walked past me FIVE times without even asking me after I returned if I was okay. About 20 minutes before the day was over she asked what happened. When I told her her only remark was "hrmmm" and she walked away.

Wow what support! I feel so special.

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Kbear and Jman said...

Um? UM??? WTH? I go away for like 3 days???? Get that figured out. NOT FUNNY!