Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aww man!

I'm sick again! I went to the doc this morning, I don't think I have an infection and neither did the doc. Although I do have fluid in both my ears, because I'm not running a fever and my mucus is clear I would agree with her on the no infection. I am right on the edge though that if I don't get this cleared up it will become one.

That's the poopy part - I took all the drugs she gave me and I still can't breath through my nose. Also the Afrin she just gave me a horrid headache instead of clearing my passages. Hopefully the Afrin will work eventually, at least this is better than when I lived with my parents - they both smoked at the time and I would get sinusitus each and every time. If it turns into an infection we will take care of it, it just sucks right now....

And I feel poopy!

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