Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well the little man is 9 weeks old today. His well baby appointment is next week on the 1st. I'm sure I'm going to cry when they give him his first shots. I'm not looking forward to that, but I know that the shots are needed. I just don't want the little man to get poked by a needle. I'm sure it will be what others say, that it's worse on the parent than on the child.

Here are some photos of the little man. He's getting so big. He's in some 3-6 months clothing already, he's going to be long and lean like his daddy! He's got the longest legs and torso. He smiles so much now and grabs at my hands or arm while feeding him. He turns his head towards you now when you come up to him and start talking. Oh and its been a week but I can officially say he sleeps through the night. Don't worry I have been keeping good track this week to make sure he's eating enough during the day to handle not waking in the night. He does! His current weight is around 11 lbs. The doc's recommend they eat 2-3oz per lbs so for him 22-33 oz in a day. He eats around 25-30oz. So I know the little man is getting plenty.

Well enjoy the photos!

This is his serious face.

I'm just joshing mom!

Oh did you say bottle time?

Cute booties I got him for winter time since he kicks his socks off!

Little Buddha laughing!


Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! I've been away for far too long and just now discovered you had a beautiful little boy (didn't even know you were pregnant!)!!! He is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Why are people giving you grief? No life, perhaps? Geeez, move on, already! lol ;-)

I'm no longer at DD. I've just now set myself up on blogger. So far, I'm liking it much better. Not much there, yet, but all in due time, right? You have been added to my blogroll (you are actually the first). I've missed coming to 'visit' you. I'll have to do much better!

Hope you have a most wonderful rest of the week!


keri said...

Very cute. Oz might also like Robeez to keep his piggies warm in the winter. I like when they are on sale :) My 2 year old still likes to wear hers inside the house (she also kicks off her socks)

Anonymous said...

I think the kicking off socks thing must be contagious. So very cute, enjoy!

Butterfly Wife said...

Very adorable. I love all the faces. :o)

Tracy said...

What a total cutie pie!!

ABW said...

He's adorable!

Junior slept through the night for the first time in forever. Maybe Oz is rubbing off on him....I can only hope!

K and J said...

HH6. You do have the 2nd cutest baby in the whole world (sorry moms's always think their baby was the cutest!, you get 2nd!) (Besides, you can tell me I am wrong and mine is 2nd.)

Seriously tho, he is really GROWING. He is way too cute.

Keep up the good work Mama.


liberal army wife said...

oh that is an absolutely adorable little boy! Such a darling. Now my Italian side wants to just pinch those little cheeks.... (had an Aunt who did that...)

Bette said...

What a cutie! I'm with LAW -- so tempting to pinch those cheeks (which my Italian aunts STILL do to me).

MQ said...

cutie patootie pie!!! I obviously missed a big scandal. I'm sorry if it stresses you out. I've had a couple of blog wars myself and I don't know why people waste their time trying to convince you about anything over a BLOG for goodness' sake. Don't we all have our own struggles and tough decisions to make without inserting ourselves into someone else's? Best of luck with everything...

Gail A. said...

He's a beautiful baby. I love this age. Is he doing the cooing aww goo's yet?