Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Best $149...

bucks I have spent in a long frickin' time.

The boy and I were going to the car in the garage to go find paint. We think we've found the paint supplier that provided the paint for our builder. I've been looking for matching paint for two months now!

While walking Oz to the car and getting ready to put him in the car I notice at the front of the garage near the door I see a snake coiled up. I quickly get Oz in the car and shut the door to make sure he's safe. I get in the driver's seat, open the garage door and started to back out. I had left my door open slightly in order to try and see what kind of snake it was. It was gone when I got to the door frame. I back out a safe distance and got out of the car. I got only as close as about 10 feet away and peered where I last saw it. It was slithering towards the house. It had diamonds on it and its head looked kinda triangler. I nearly peed my pants thinking that it was a baby rattler!

I called the DH and he told me to just call an exterminator. The guy came out and was asking me on the phone while he was coming over if I knew if it was still in there. I smartly told him there was no way in hell that I was going to go back in there with my 7 week old son and go snoping around for a frickin' snake.

This guy gets here, peaks around after I showed him where I last saw him. About 3 minutes later he's moving slowly away from a spot near the snow salt and grabs a giant glue trap. Then he spends the next 10 minutes slowly moving things around. What he's doing I don't know I'm 25 feet away behind my car in the drive peering over the corner of the trunk. Finally he picks up the glue trap and smiles at me. "Well it wasn't a rattler but you were right that it was poisionous. It was a baby copperhead. Man these are the most facinating snakes - see?" He's holding the glue trap in my direction and I nearly ralphed on him. I put my baby on the garage floor before I open the door to put him in his frickin' car seat thingie.

So after I swallowed the spit in my mouth from almost puking my guts out. He pointed out some issues. We have a mice problem. A little mouse ate a hole through the weather stripping on the garage door. The snake used that hole to come hide from the sun. So we need to treat the mice issue and there will be no food for the snake to come looking. We also need to fix the weather stripping.

I just nearly peed my pants at this but the $149 it cost for him to come instantly to my home, in his snake pants and a pair of extra heavy duty lacers to put that nasty little creature on a glue trap and take him far far a frickin' way was soo worth it!

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MQ said...

EW EW EW!!!!!!! Glad you survived :)