Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two weeks

Oz had his two week check up. I'm sorry I've become a mommy blogger only. I should writing about mil life too here but its more fun at the moment to talk about the little man.

I was still on driving restriction so my Dad drove me and Oz to post to the appt. He is back up to his birth weight (I would have liked more than that but he is eating like a piggy) of 8lbs 3oz. When he left the hospital he was at 7lbs 14oz. So he is gaining which is good. Today we upped his feedings to 3.5 oz - he's going through a growth spurt so says his doctor. He grew though almost 2 frickin' inches! Yes the boy is now 21 3/4 inches! He's going to be long and skinny like his daddy. His head grew a cm or so too.

I had my list of things to ask the doc and they were all good. His red butt is not diaper rash or a yeast infection but just that his bum is sensitive. So we A&D him to death. They don't think he has reflux but I do need to burp him in mulitple positions until we find one that basically makes him burp each time. His scalely feet are normal, lotion if we want otherwise don't worry about it. His little hips and giant belly are normal and he's not malnutritioned.

Oh and the best part is that I learned how to use the aspirator bulb correctly. Funny the boy didn't care how often I stuck that up his nose until I learned I wasn't doing it right. When I did do it correctly, I pulled out some serious mocos from that boy's nose! He slept better after that, but he did scream bloody murder and batted at the aspirator. So that thing is no longer fun for him - Poor guy.

I need to upload more photos, he's got some great ones where he literally looks like he's a drunkard who has passed out. Cute little buggar he is!


Linda said...

When you're sucking his nose out, cover his other nostril with your'd be AMAZED at how much gack comes out that way!

If he DOES get bad diaper cream, I have a WONDERFUL recipe for a butt paste that works the best of everything (and believe me, I have TRIED everything)

K and J said...

Oh the joys of motherhood!

Chelly said...

Military life can wait, after all, that is the military, hurry up and wait. It is always much more fun to write about kids then the annoying military life... Enjoy the bundle of joy!