Saturday, August 18, 2007


still here, reading a few books and dealing with the little man's gassy tummy. Poor dude, I feel for him. The gas drops are working, but lying flat is causing some serious crying fits. We've elevated one end of his crib to see if that will help this afternoon.

At least he's back to pooping and farting like a normal little boy - woohoo!

ML - White noise is the Fisherprice aquarium thingie with just the bubble noises on. Working through Health sleep habits, Happy Child & am waiting on Happiest Baby on the Block to arrive. Need to look for the miracle blanket still. I'd rather swaddle without his arms being bound, can that count as swaddling?

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Mama Luxe said...

Please feel free to e-mail me ANYTIME you want to chat, vent, whatever.

Have you given one a try, yet? It was the only way I got anything done and made her so happy. Just avoid the Infantino nightmare. Terrible. Horrible. Let me know if you need specific brand recs.

White Noise:
Maybe try something closer to the sound of maternal heartbeat in utero. Vacuum worked wonders for a while--like an off switch!--and then she decided she didn't like it and moved onto waves. Obviously you can give the vacuum a try for free and many of the white noise CDs are available for $5 or so.


Curious why you don't want his arms in there? I know it looks weird but they were like that in the womb and most babies really do enjoy it once you get them in right.

Without arms in, he'll still startle himself and won't feel as snug.

If you are just looking for a safe blanket, though, they have sleep sacks...their arms are out. We used these once my babe was too old to swaddle.

But yes, you can use the Miracle Blanket arms out--it just wouldn't be worth the cost of the blanket if you do that, though, because there are cheaper options for just a wearable blanket.

Give it a try arms in for a few nights--just make sure it is tighter than you think it needs to be. We have a coupon on our site and I don't get any commission or anything when you by from them direct--but they are a great pro-military company and the product is great. It is slightly cheaper if you get a blue one through, but otherwise using my coupon through the direct site is your best bet!

Plus, check out their guarantee (you really have nothing to lose):

If you are not happy with your purchase of a Miracle Blanket for ANY REASON we will refund 100% of your purchase including shipping (**basic, outgoing shipping cost only – we can’t refund express fees**) within 30 days of your purchase. AND IT IS OKAY IF THE BLANKET IS USED AND NOT IN ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION!

Lying Flat:

A lot of babies seem to have this problem. If I am blessed with another crier, I may try something like the Amby or the Tucker wedge next time. Never tried either so can't recommend but I've heard so many people swear by these. Hope elevating helps you! We tried that during her reflux but she was (and is) so active that she just ended up rolling down to the lower side and wedged in a corner with even the slightest elevation!