Thursday, May 10, 2007

Time is irrelevant

Ever have a friend that you like very much but who has no concept of time? Ever want to just smack them upside the head with a watch for them to wear? I love the few friends I've made here. They are pretty good people, like minded which is nice when you run into folks with similar values, but one of them really has no sense of time. The other night a 5 minute stop into a store turned into an hour. Sadly that meant the store I wanted to go to was closed by the time we got out of there. Pretty much the norm, I'm even used to getting ready a half an hour later than she mentions because she won't be ready on time anyways.

Unfortunately, the running perpetually late thing is starting to get a little hard for me. I'm starting to hit the invalid stage in the pregnancy where you waddle and can't bend over, etc. Its hard to stand for an hour while they try on clothes in a store where your little belly doesn't fit right at the moment. But being the friend you grin and bear it, knowing that there is something that you must do that drives them up the wall too - you know its a trade off. Really its just a petty annoyance, you know that joke "girl you will be late to your own funeral." But frustrating at times none the less.

Her birthday is coming up, maybe I should buy her a watch? *snicker*

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Rose said...

Happy Military Spouses Day!!!