Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Know the facts girl

I should know better than to watch the View. I really do. I know Elizabeth is slightly naive, but Rosie just drives me nuts. I don’t like Bush, there’s no denying that. I don’t like the choices that he’s made as President. It’s not just his choices over the war it’s many of his choices. Rumsfeld scares me, he’s like a little tyrant in training and I was very happy when he stepped down.

What gets me, is that you’d think since I don’t like Bush that I’d be all for Rosie. But um, hell no! Her information is so inaccurate. It’s filled with misinformation and conspiracy theories. She actually thinks that 9/11 was a government planned event because steel doesn’t melt. I guess science wasn’t her strong suit in class considering iron ore and a few other elements are MELTED together to form steel. Steel CAN melt and with a full tank on an empty plane gives off a lot of heat here.

So while listening to her rip on Elizabeth this morning, apparently she doesn’t believe we belong in Afghanistan either. Wow the one place where we were actually wanted, where roads are being built, where the government is function pretty well and we were WANTED. Her other stupid statement was that the only reason the American kids were joining the Army or other service was for the education and because they are poor and have nothing to bring them out of poverty. This was under debate by the mil-blogsphere before and I really find this offensive. My husband joined because he believes in the U.S., he’s proud of his country. If all he wanted was an education out of it, why is he a lifer? And why is he 7 years from retirement? You don’t need 13 years in for the GI Bill.

I just can’t wait until this woman who claims she supports the troops but belittles them by saying the Army has its highest numbers of convicted felons and they are all so poor and stupid finally leaves the View. Really if she wants to be a loudmouth, maybe she should stick with things she actually has factual information about. Rosie has a lot of accurate knowledge about gay rights. I’m all for the majority of the gay rights issues and well she should stick to that. Because heaven knows she knows absolutely NOTING accurate about the Uniformed Services.

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Tracy said...

she spouts off with no real facts it's annoying. Fire doesn't melt steel, umm WELDING anyone? I used to like her (way back when she had her own talk show and wasn't "political"), but she is just scary now!