Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Glucose is my nemesis!

I failed my initial glucose test about a week and a half ago. I was not looking forward to the 3 hour stress test I had to take today. Especially after hearing about the crap my friend has been going through since failed her 3 hour test. Her nutritionist I think has smoked a few too many bowls of skunkweed and can't seem to provide her answers to why she's now having the issues she's having with the shear volume of food she has to eat in order to meet the carbs requirement she was given.

Anyways, I spent the last 3 days eating a carb laden diet that gave me a ton o' headaches. I was borderline on my first failure so they like to max you out on carbs to see if you really are going to have an issue or if the body can handle the extra stress. I showed up for my regular OB appointment at 0920 and spent about 35 minutes in there then went down to the lab. I tried to convince them to hook me up to the little faucet like thingie they put in for an IV but they couldn't do it. I guess they needed a fresh prick to ensure that the blood was the freshest each time to show how the glucose levels change over the test time.

The Tech took my baseline draw and it didn't even bother me. That's great since I have the most annoying, crappyassed veins that don't behave. I was then given my goo to drink. I saw orange and quickly asked if they could find another flavour. I had an upper GI a long time ago and the barium I drank was orange flavoured. I had to drink so much of it, I can not stand orange flavoured anything. They gave me cola instead and it was warm and nasty. No lets turn nasty into VILE.

Then I got to sit in the waiting room for an hour for the next draw. I started to drink my water and rating scholarship applications for my sorority. I've done it for years now, I think 5 or so. The first draw came up and the Tech was able to use the same vein. It was still a pleasant experience and didn't hurt either. On for round two of an hour sit and I noticed I started getting a headache, the shakes and was having issues concentrating on the apps. In fact at one point I was skimming the apps because I was laughing at the stupidity of some of the essays. I had some idea in my head that I could never have been so goofy in my college days - you know I probably was. That's when I figured out I would need to re-read them later so I gave them a fair shot.

I made it through the third draw and only had one hour to go for food. By then I just straight up put the apps down completely because I just couldn't focus on anything and became so fucking logie that I could have taken a nap right there. After my last draw, I ran well waddled to the potty, went, washed the hands and before I was even in the elevator I had shoved 2 pieces of 1oz cheese into my mouth. I then commenced scarfing down the popcorn cake bites I brought as well and finished those before the elevator doors opened on the ground floor.

I ended up at home sleeping on the couch shortly after. No food for the first 6 hours of the day and a giant bottle of syrup really messes with you. I was a worthless mess for the entire day. I hope you all never have to take this test. It totally sucks the big one.

5/9/07 - UPDATE - I PASSED! I am not a gestational diabetic. Thank frickin' God for that!

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K and J said...

Wow. I have spent the whole time reading this trying to remember what flavor I drank.......... Congrats on no GD!!!