Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bad baby, bad bad baby

Today should have been my baby shower. Other than dealing with the MIL inviting other people to my shower without my consent, I was really looking forward to it. This is my parents first grandchild and my first child. I wanted to hang with friends and just have a great time. Oz shot that one right out the window.

Tuesday night after my OB appointment, I vacuumed the house really well. I felt a small twinge in my belly but figured I over did it slightly and took it easy the rest of the night. About 3 am I awoke to a pain in my belly that nearly knocked me on my ass. I spent the rest of the night on the couch trying to find a comfortable position in order to sleep. It didn't improve and I was having serious issues walking or standing up straight. I called the nurse and left a message. It was nothing major I thought, just the baby moved into a bad position that is poking the crap out of me.

As I waited for a return call, I tried all the things people had suggested. I took a frozen water bottle and placed in on the sore spot because the baby would move away from the cold. All the little buggar did was kick me on the opposing side. After about 45 minutes of that I gave it up. I then tried putting a heating pad where I wanted the baby to be as supposedly they would gravitate towards the heat....yeah like that worked or I wouldn't be bitching about it today. I then tried putting a flashlight up to my belly since they are supposed to move away from bright lights. I was getting tempted to do voodoo shortly if something didn't work. I even tried the cat pose from yoga but no luck either.

Finally I get a call back from my OB nurse and I was told to lie on the floor and have the hubby rotate the kid to a better position. Neither one of us wants to hurt the kid, or make him stupid by cutting off his blood flow so we did it rather gentlely. He moved about an inch maybe an inch and a half. I had relief, until about 5 minutes later when the buggar moved right back!

I didn't sleep Thursday night either. I spent the night tossing on the couch watching adult swim on the Cartoon Network. The pain was to the point where I literally could not walk, sit or stand for more than about 3 minutes and needed to change again. I called the OB office and asked to come in. They for some reason sent me to L&D probably because I said I can't get this kid to move in tears.

When I am in pain I am a royal shit. I have a high tolerance for pain so when it makes me cry then you know you better run and hide. I try to make jokes to keep me from ripping heads off and slamming them on pikes, but unfortunately one of my jokes backfired and now I probably look like a drug addict seeking to get high.

While in L&D I teased the nurse by saying when is the doc coming I want a shot of demerol in my butt. This was after answering that I don't drink, smoke or take drugs at all while pregnant. I was really hurting and I was tearing the ACU sleeve off of my husband's arm. I figured that I was too calm and she probably didn't understand exactly how much pain I was in. In general I've noticed those that act like a cat on a hot tin roof get treated better than the quiet ones. Finally the doc comes and the first thing out of his mouth is "Well I think we will treat this like last time and only give you tylenol. There's no need for narcotics when a baby is involved and demerol is not a good idea." I could have killed the nurse and I tersely told him in the middle of his speech I was being a smart ass, rather than verbally abusing the staff.

He blatently refused to move the baby himself. I know they can do it, they do it all the time for kids that are breech in an effort to get them out vaginally without doing a C-section. I looked at him and told him I can't stand what the hell am I supposed to do? I haven't slept in 2 days and I really just wanted to get some sleep. I was told to wait it out and deal with it. Here I am supposed to fly to CA on Friday and I can't stand, there was no way I could sit for 4 hours for a plane ride.

I called my friend hosting the shower late Thursday and told her to call and cancel the shower. I called my mom to have her cancel the cake but she had already ordered it. They are going to take a picture for me and let me have the stuff off of the top of it for later. I was in tears. I just wanted to have a shower, to be with friends to be normal and not a military wife who knows no one in the area. I was lucky to have a shower at all had my nieghbor not been kind enough to put something together. This just sucks, I just wanted to be normal especially knowing this is probably the only child we were going to have.

My host had suggested that we have a welcome to the world party later about 3 months after Oz is born. Its a great suggestion, I'm just not up to not feeling sorry for myself yet. She had her shower yesterday and probably had a great time and I was stuck sitting in my PJs on the couch moving constantly to keep from crying out in pain. I wanted what she got and it sucks to feel jealous even over something as stupid as a shower. I'm happy for her (believe me hon' I am) I just wanted that too. I should consentrate on the fact that I will be having a baby when over a year ago I thought it would never happen, but you know how pity parties work - they don't stop until you want them to.

So I still can't stand for more than 5 minutes and really can't stay in any position more than 5 minutes without moving. I would have never made the plane ride and probably would have really hated the shower had I had to deal with the MIL pulling the crap she could have. I only sleep because they gave me Unisom to take. I don't know how long I can take it, but I will take it until I can sleep on my own. He still hasn't moved and this still really sucks. We move in 3 weeks and I just can't WAIT to see how the car ride is going to go with his little head resting on my ovary as a pillow.


Mama Luxe said...

Throw yourself whatever pity party you want. Poor gal! So sorry to hear baby is being a pain...literally.

If you are feeling up to it, come over and visit me at 'cause I tagged ya.

Butterfly Wife said...

That sounds just awful. Shall I bring some chocolate cupcakes to the pity party? I'm sure they would help. Take care.

Aaron said...

Ain't pregancy just a wonder of nature? How does the rest of the animal kindom manage?

Cole was using Kelly's internals as a punching bag near the end. Her doctor was talking about having her appendix taken out after the birth because she was having all the signs of infection. But, it was just the way he was resting and kicking.

Have you tried taking a bath? Cole loved to move around during bath time. Maybe it'll help take some of the pressure off.

Oh, and have the shower or welcome party. People will still want to celebrate with you, and you guys need the goodies!

K and J said...

Oh man. :( Kids can be a pain. I wish I had a suggestion for you. I agree with the baths. J would do flips......he loved it. If we were still in Germany I would suggest half a glass of wine...... but they frown on that in the states......

Gail A. said...

Just checking in on you...hope it's better by now.

Bette said...

You have every right to be disappointed. Sounds like the kind of thing to hold over your kid's head once he's a teenager. :-)

The welcome party sounds like a great idea, though!

Household6 said...

Thanks the little Oz has NOT moved his head. I just think the muscle finally decided to quit spasming at least.